New Scans - Alternate Color Schemes and Character Looks for Tales of VS.!

New magazine scans concerning Tales of VS.have surfaced! Also, RyuHiroshi has found what seems to be Tales of VS. box-art. From the box, the game is rated A by CERO (for everyone).

ToVS Scan 1 ToVS Scan 2 tovs scan ToVS Boxart

EDIT: Better quality scans added, thanks to Kouli. The Tales of Vesperia PS3 scans will be transferred to a new news post.

For the Tales of VS. new scan (click first thumbnail), it officially confirms Mao(Tales of Rebirth) and Philia Philis (Tales of Destiny) to be included. No official word yet on Lloyd and Colette, but come on, they're in there.

alt colors

And that's not all. This screenshot above from the scan shows something interesting. It seems players will be given the option to change their chosen character's appearance (or rather, clothes) to have different color schemes. All those four characters are Luke (they have the exact same stance). Notice that Luke is still wearing his default costume, only it now differs in color scheme. And it looks like the Luke in red has a different hair color than the rest.

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