And YouTube Does It Again... (Help With Testing Stuff Please)

And YouTube has done it again. For some unknown reason, without even a proper warning or e-mail beforehand, they have suspended AC's YouTube account.

EDIT: It seems my begging worked, and now AC's YouTube is now back up. But, please still do the testing I am doing below, as I will have it here for back-up purposes starting the next few videos that will come in the future.

First off, I'm not exactly bothered by this. This isn't exactly the first time it's happened to me (and for the lols, my other account which holds videos of my classmates doing gay stuff has also been suspended, and Martel forbid I don't know why they'd suspend such an account... unless my classmates reported it hurr).

EDIT: It seems restoring the account is out of the question so... hrrmm, I'm testing something out. Could you guys try and play the following videos, and comment if they play properly on your side or not? Thank you. Also, I would like to know if you guys would prefer the FLV version, the MP4 version, or both. Thanks again /o/

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