New Art, Screenshots and Info for Tales of Graces, VS. and Vesperia PS3

New information, artwork and screenshots from Dengeki Online. Sorry it took so long, it took me a while to translate everything. So, let's start with the least info...

All images for Graces, VS., and Vesperia have been replaced with higher quality ones without a watermark. Please refresh this page and the gallery pages. We also now have HQ art of Patty and Asbel. Enjoy your freakishly high quality 8D~
>> Tales of Vesperia PS3

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----- Character Profile - Patty Fleur:
Height: 132cm
Patty is a young oden-loving 14 year-old girl who seems to be only attracted to someone's physical looks. She is a self-styled adventurer traveling around the world in search of romance and the legendary treasure of the notorious pirate Aifried. Her young appearance doesn't suit her much because of how her manner of expression seems to be like an old person's. One can't tell how much of her words are serious at times, leaving everyone in smoke. Her skills with the knife and gun are not to be underestimated.


>> Tales of Graces

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~ Graces' theme can be further broken down to "to protect one's beliefs" and "to protect the person important to you". The following main story line is from Degenki, but you'll notice that it's the same as what Yume translated for us. Degenki's version just wraps it up into one complete story. This is also probably the longest Tales game ever made according to the game staff, spanning around 60-70 hours on the main story.

----- Storyline:
The world where the sky is covered by the sea; Efinea. Civilizations prospered using Eles, composed of a material called Criath. Windol, Strata and Fendel: these three countries are competing for dominance in the world.

In the remote region of Windol lies the city of Lhant. The eldest son of the feudal lord Aston, Asbel, is a bright and cheerful boy who spent his childhood like any other carefree boy does: enjoy everyday together with his irreplaceable friends. However, due to some unknown incident, he desires to become strong. His strong determination led him to enlist himself in a knight's academy in the capital.

It is now seven years after the incident. In his eighth year, Asbel has grown and established himself as a fine knight. However, at the death of his father, Aston, he gives up his dream to become a knight and must now take over the position of feudal lord. He meets up with his friends, and bids them all farewell.

And now, a vehement change of fate now enfolds his life...

----- Character Profile - Asbel Lhant:
The eldest son of the feudal lord of the Lhant territory, located along the border of its country, the Frontier Kingdom of Windol and its neighboring country, Fendel. Born as the feudal lord's son, he has been raised to become the next lord by his father and his butler Frederick. Due to that certain incident however, he developed strong feelings to become a knight, so he admitted himself to a knights' academy in the capital. There, he spent the years dedicated to his training, and soon enough, he grew up into a diligent and polite young knight.

When he was young, he was a cheerful, straightforward and honest young boy. As he grew up however, he became the type who would hide his true passion and enthusiasm within himself. He often takes care of others, and can't leave them alone when in face of a problem.


>> Tales of VS.

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~ The Yggdrasill Mode is like the story mode, where you view the Yggdrasill Battle from the characters' perspectives. Up until now, it is unknown what the screenshots of the 2D battles are, but it is confirmed that 1.) it's a mini-game and 2.) the "wall" feature mentioned before is part of this mini-game, not in the Yggdrasill Mode.And like in RM1 and RM2, the characters have their own story to live out in VS.

----- Storyline:
In this world of Dailantia, the main source of energy is mana, which is fruitfully provided by the great world tree. People continued to live happily in this mana-rich world. However, people still desire the advancement of their civilization. They continued to prosper, eventually exhausting the world tree to the point that it would only bear fruit once every 3 years, called the "great harvest". The tree eventually lost its ability to provide mana for the whole world.

In history, one single fight over the great harvest eventually led to a war among the people. For the sake of glory, many countries experienced rise and fall, thousands of lives were lost, and billions of tears were shed.

When this endless fighting was at the verge of growing even bigger, mankind developed a way wherein the nations would earn their right to the great harvest without pointless battles. They called this the "World Tree Agreement". This product of human reason is what started the "Yggdrasill Battle", where the strongest warriors, called "Cigrus" (shigurusu) will fight each other for the right to their nation's great harvest. Since then, war has disappeared from this world, and was replaced by the Yggdrassill Battle's system.

----- The Four Nations:
-- The Holy Kingdom, Heidr - The nation with the most ancient history and tradition. Among the four nations, the Kingdom of Heidr gives importance and gratitude to the world tree the most. The people here are courteous and respectable, but their character seems somewhat stiff.

-- The Kingdom of Knights, Hraesvelgr - A kingdom led by a knight deemed as a hero. This nation boasts its two great groups of knights, as well as their high probability of victory due to their extensive training and powerful vigor. It is rumored that they have developed a hidden weapon they call "Swordians". The people here have been developing something called a "lens" which they hope will one day be able to substitute mana.

-- The New Empire, Niddhog - An empire known for its current rapid progress in obtaining imperial power. They use machines in their civilization to substitute the current lack of mana. It is rumored that they have completed a technology called "Fomicry" that creates replicas.

-- The Alliance of Free Cities, Dyne - A union formed by a number of free cities in the vast frontier area. Since it is a mix of different tribes and cultures, they are considered "free", but sometimes, barbaric. They are undeveloped in terms of technology, but their young warriors who are flexible and full of vigor are forces to be reckoned with.

----- Character Profiles:


Shing Meteoryte - A young man who came from a remote area, wielding a mysterious weapon. He joined the Yggdrasill Battle as a Cigrus in order to take back something he lost, aside from obtaining the right to the great harvest. His skills are that of an experienced warrior.

Yuri Lowell - A young man representing Dyne as its Cigrus. He came from the lower parts of town, living life as he pleases. He usually appears indifferent about the things around him, always with a straight face.

Richter Abend - A man in pursuit of his enemy. Behind his intellectual demeanor lies the flame of revenge in his eyes. He is quite knowledgeable about many things in the world and the battles.

Luke fon Fabre - The prince of the Niddhog Empire. He must participate in the Yggdrasill Battle as a rite of imperial succession. Being a spoiled prince with many priviledges, his attitude is very haughty.

Anise Tatlin - Since childhood, Anise has already been a soldier of Niddhog's military. This genius puppeteer has been appointed as the representative Cigrus of the empire. At her age, she dreams of a wealthy future.

Kratos Aurion - A highly skilled mercenary hired by Heidr as their representative for the Yggdrasill Battle. He is a master of the sword and acts calmly in all situations. Many find him mysterious.

Stan Aileron - He used to be one of Hraesvelgr's greatest knights, but has left that nation. He participated in the Yggdrasill Battle 3 years ago. An incident then made him lose a trusted friend, and has been pursuing the one responsible ever since.

Mighty Kongman - The wrestling champion of Hraesvelgr. He uses nothing else but his body as his weapon. His ability is comparable to that of the leader of the knights of the kingdom, and will participate in the Yggdrasill Battle as the Cigrus of the kingdom.

*This info is also found in Tales of Magazine's Vol 8 issue, if I'm reading my copy right... (the one with the Luke, Jade and Guy cover... I wish they'd stop featuring the Abyss anime in the covers already >_O). Also, until my source releases the HQ images, I won't be uploading images to the gallery anymore and just link you to the site which currently has the art. And I don't trust my skills enough to make you guys renders (my rendering technique takes time... and I don't have that time... unless you want them fugly with icky little white spots left in the little nooks and crannies if I use Photoshop's unreliable Magic Eraser >_>).

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