ToS: Dawn of the New World PAL Release to Have Extra Content + ToV PAL Box

Rejoice European Tales fans~. Namdai Europe has just officially announced the PAL release for Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World this coming Fall in a press event in Cergy-Pontoise, France. Not only that! Apparently, the game will have additional content exclusive to the PAL version. These include:

~ Gallery Mode - includes a Skit Library for viewing the skits in the game and an Image Gallery, for images such as art of the packaging, sketches, etc. Said mode can be unlocked once the game is completed.

~ Head gear and accessories for Emil and Marta, including themed masks.

~ New special effects in battles.

~ Players can customize characters in battle.

ToV Xbox 360 USK PAL BoxartToV Xbox 360 main PAL BoxartEDIT: Thanks to Feyr for the heads up~ Apparently, the release date of the PAL version of Tales of Vesperia varies, having a June 25 release date in Germany and a June 26 release date in France. The main European release date though, is June 26th. Atari also has the real boxart up (click thumbnail at the left), which is similar to the Japanese boxart, but has a lovely background.EDIT: Confirmed to be the official boxart. Only difference is that the USK boxart has a different logo for the rating, and the group art is moved back a bit to accomodate it. Thanks to RyuHiroshi and Footmax.

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