Congrats Again To AC's 777 Promo Winners! Enjoy Your Tales of Xillia Copies!

Once again, congratulations to prilia and Flamfas, the two winners of AC's recent 777 Promo.

This contest was held last June to celebrate Abyssal Chronicles garnering 700+ Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers and Facebook Likes. People were tasked to look for hidden gels in those pages, and two winners were chosen via random draw from those who managed to find all the gels.

Both prilia and Flamfas won an original, brand new copy of Tales of Xillia (JP version) each! Once again, congratulations, and enjoy playing your games!

From prilia:


From Flamfas:

To those who are missing out on Tales of Xillia, Play-Asia still has the game available!
Tales of Xillia (JP version)
Tales of Xillia (Asia version)
Tales of Xillia OST (Limited Edition Version)
Tales of Xillia OST (Regular Version)

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