Happy 10th Anniversary, Abyssal Chronicles! Thank you so much!

Thank you for all the support the past 10 years!

Today is a monumental day for Abyssal Chronicles - We're celebrating our 10th anniversary!

10 years ago today, I first made Abyssal Chronicles run live on FreeWebs. Since then, it's grown into one huge site for Tales news worldwide! To the interested, we have a really good outline of AC's history over at the official Tales blog!

First off, we're not really doing anything special today (awwww). As much as I'd love to have a party or something with my fellow staff, we're separated by geography. We are, however, going to have something HUGE all set up by December 2016!

What's in December, you ask? December happens to be our planned contest for the upcoming Tales of Berseria. And if you're no stranger to our previous contests, then you should know that we have tons of prizes at stake!

BUT not just that! We're also taking advantage of our Tales of Berseria contest to also celebrate AC's 10th anniversary - meaning this'll be the biggest contest we've ever held, ever. Meaning, again, that this contest will also have the BIGGEST prizes we've ever had at stake!

And no, we can't afford a console or a car, nor can we afford a house for our contestants. But trust us when I say the prizes this time will be kind of a big deal :D.

Now that's over and done, I'd like to thank this opportunity to thank everyone who made AC come this far.

Scott (sukotsuto), gosh darn it AC wouldn't even have a dot com domain if I didn't meet you. You were the one who drove me into making AC grow into what it is now, and I thank you for that deeply. We met only once, and I hope to meet you again soon!

Richard (PanbanRichard), you basically kept AC running during the times when I'm too busy with school/internship. I know there were times you were busy and such yourself, but I saw that you give AC as much love and care as I do, and I really appreciate that. Hopefully we'll meet soon, perhaps on TalesFes 2018!

CP (cutepresea), always lurking in the shadows, thank you for keeping the AC community lively and busy especially when I can't accomodate them on my own!

Momo, thank you for helping us out with translations and I'm sorry if I keep bugging you for articles and translations, lol. Till the next Tales Fes!

Miken (miken-chan), we miss you and the times when Wings of an Angel was still an active scanlation! Hope you're doing okay!

Lazy (LaZyEnErGeTiC), hahaha dood, thanks for supporting AC from the shadows! Your figures collection is a marvel. Hope to see you soon man, we like live in the same city gosh darn it. I'm sorry my schedule is so messed up.

And though not technically part of the staff, to Kazuya_NT, who provides AC's hosting. Thank you so much these past years and I'm sorry if I always bother you whenever AC is down haha.

To those over at Bandai Namco Entertainment, Incorporated, specifically:

Hollie, formerly of Bandai Namco UK and now with PlayStation UK, I thank you so, so much for giving AC the light of day. Technically speaking, Hollie was the first from Bandai Namco to actually even pay attention to AC, helping us with collaborations, giving us support, partnering on events... and because of her, we also got the attention of the other Bamco branches. We're here now because you actually took a look at us. Thank you so much, Hollie!

Isshak, Community Manager from Bandai Namco Europe, thank you so much for giving us so much support over the past years. The level of support you give us is second to none, and honestly I still can't believe that you hold us in such a high regard to have so many collaborations and interviews and contests and all that - it's all thanks to you! Not only are you a great Community Manager who really hangs out with the fans, you're also a great friend. To the future, Isshak!

Gaetan, current Tales Community Manager from Bandai Namco Europe, we haven't exactly interacted long enough, but you also give us the same support Isshak did when he was still handling Tales, and I'm really, really flattered and thankful for that. We hope to work with you more in the future!

Edwin, from Bandai Namco UK, thank you also so much for the support, especially for my Tales shirts lol! And even giving me the opportunity to design a shirt for one of your events - I'm truly honored! Hope to work with you more, too!

Rich B., formerly from Bandai Namco US, though we didn't get to interact much, but with your endorsements, we also got in touch with Bandai Namco US, and we're very grateful for that! Thank you!

To those who helped us out in the sidelines, namely Lex, Shiina, Koyo, Muuse and dagoldenclip2! Thank you so much for doing stuff in our behalf! Your support is monumental to us! That said, clip (dagoldenclip2) is now an active member of our staff, so please welcome him!

And finally, Nick and Dmitryi from Bandai Namco US, thank you so, so much for supporting AC, either when it comes to articles and contests, it feels immense to know that the US branch recognizes us as a source for Tales news.  We thank you guys so much for the prizes you've provided in the past, it's an immense help to us and is something the fans really look forward to. Hope to work with you still in the future!

AND OF COURSE, TO ALL OF AC's LOYAL FOLLOWING, OUR FELLOW TALES FANS! Thank you so very, very much for staying with us through all those years! I'm not sure if there's actually anyone who still saw us during our FreeWebs stage, but that doesn't matter! The fans are the reason AC is still alive right now, and it will stay that way! THANK YOU!

See you all on our big contest this December! Look out for it!

I'm crying right now. Thanks guys, seriously.

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