Tales of Symphonia United World Episode 3 Subbed (Temporary Release)

You guys must be wondering why this one's suddenly out when we haven't even released a single one of the earlier volumes/episodes /SHOTNow I haven't exactly been in the loop for the United World subbing team because I've been mainly busy with Med school (I only worked on until the Tethe'alla Arc), but apparently we'll be releasing episode 3 for now temporarily. This is an SD XviD hardsub encode version of United World episode 3, using a raw we practically just got online.

Meaning, we'll be re-releasing this episode in the future, and release all the others that are missing, once we get the proper DVD rip raw for United World 3. There's also a slight error in the font used for the Artes, but we'll be sure to address that in the re-release. In the meantime, we hope this will help everyone in understanding the last episode of Tales of Symphonia: The Animation!

And apparently our translations of the song can also be sung in English...? So enjoy.

The Rubber Duck Gang - QC, Timing, Translation, Song Adaptation, Karaoke, Encoding

Downloads: Torrent | Direct Download (Deposit Files)

I'm currently the only one seeding this right now, so I'm sorry if the torrent's a bit slow. Please do help in seeding once you're done!

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