Tales of Hearts R Scans: Cross Chase, Chase Finisher, Cut-ins & Info on Galad

New scans from Famitsu magazine reveal new components of Tales of Hearts R's Chase Link System: Cross Chase and Chase Finish. The magazine also reveals new cut-ins for the said Cross Chase, as well as more info on recently revealed character, Galad.

While in Chase Link Mode, once a fellow party member's icon starts flashing, touching it will activate a Chase Cross and the cut-ins from above will appear. The enemy will be thrown back, and holding the O button will activate a Chase Finish. I'm not particularly sure if the cut-in appears when Chase Cross is activated or when the Finish is, but from the reports, they're all saying the cut-ins appear during Chase Cross.

We also get more information on the new character:

Galad Grinus
"...The strength to still fight for someone even if you're aware that you can't win. That strength is what forges Spiria."
- Age: 45 years old
- Height: 187cm
- Weight: 88kg
>> Around 20 years ago, Galad lost both his wife and his daughter to the Despir Disease, and this was then when he became a Soma user. He notices that Kohak's affliction of the Despir Disease is special, and believing that saving Kohak may be connected to eradicating the Disease, he joins Shing and the others. Galad's Soma appears like an axe which he can throw around and control its trajectory.

For better viewing, Famitsu has already put up screenshots here.

And lastly, some staff information. The main producer for Tales of Hearts is Ryuuji Oodate, Mika Murakita as the project producer and Hironori Naoi as director.

And this image is a new screenshot from the Tales Channel Twitter.

Tales of Hearts R will be released for the PlayStation Vita sometime Spring 2013.

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