Tales of the Abyss Episode 2~

And we're finally done. Next up will either be episode 3, or episode 1 version 2. Please do help seed the torrents (although you can forget about seeding the old episode 1 though, ahaha -shot-). You can also download the SD version currently at AC's irc channel. #abyssalchronicles @ irc.rizon.net.

HD version, 1280x720, H264+AAC (softsubs) = Torrent | MegaUpload |DDL

SD version, 704x400, XviD+MP3 (hardsubs) = Torrent | MegaUpload

And we'd like to extend a special Happy Birthday to one of our most active site visitors, cutepresea~!!



So, in the end, it was Holy Bottle and Malkuth. Thanks to everyone who actively participated in our surveys, people visiting here, and the members of the Tales of the Abyss LJ Community. To those who don't like how it'll be from now on, Abyss is oversubbed anyway >_>...

We'd also like to welcome our new encoder/logofx/karaoke guy, Akanari, and our new QC, Airk (starting ep1v2).

Episode 3 starts from Luke and Tear on board the Tartarus, and ends at the part where Tear shields Luke from an attack from that random Oracle Knight. Episode 4 involves the party reaching Kaitzur, and then going to Choral Castle. (highlight for spoilers). Please comment on any errors you find or suggestions you may want to give. Thank you =D.

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