TotW: Radiant Mythology 2, Tales of Hearts, and ToS-DotNW Updates

Before you read this, scroll down to see the news post on Tales of the Abyss episode 2. =D

First off, we have an interview from Teruaki Konishi about ToS-DotNW. He basically just talks about the features in the game and all that. They also talk about Tales of Hearts, saying they're not disregarding a localization, but they're not saying they actually will.

Second, a hands-on/preview of Tales of Hearts has been posted over at GameSpot. You can view it here.

Next, a video of the TotW:RM2 and ToH trailers from TGS 2008 has been uploaded to YouTube. It's an off screen video. For ToH, we see new most of the anime scenes in this beautifully done trailer. And around 1:50 into the video is the trailer for TotW:RM2, showing pretty much showing almost all of the Hi-Ougi cut-ins for the characters, as well as a few seconds of the anime scenes, showing Kanonno, Panille, and Leon.

Also, Rpgmonkey uploaded a picture showing all the hi-ougi cut-ins for the characters. You can view it here.

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