Tales of the Abyss Episode 25 Released~

Just one more, and we're done. Then we'll finally be working on the Sylvarant Arc of ToS. Oh yeah, despite its popularity, anyone here want us to do ToE? EDIT: ToE anime was licensed before, but said license has already been cancelled.

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... Below is proof that none of the staff should be working on Abyss at midnight:

<@ashye> just checking, you guys wont be subbing anything regularly next season?
<@ashye> so i should start looking for a new group D:
<@Zelsius> You cheater! You... you used us! To work for free for us and then go after the first best other group!
<@Zelsius> Horrible!
<@ashye> D:
<@Zelsius> It's two a.m., don't blame me.
<@a745> ...
<@a745> DON'T LEAVE US T____T
<@Zelsius> If the guilt-trip doesn't work, offer him money, quick.
<@a745> $10!
<@a745> Not, I don't have money during vacation lol >_>
<@ashye> i'll still be around
<@a745> Yay ^___^/
<@a745> The guilt-trip worked xD
* @a745 runs
<@Zelsius> No money lost! o/

Oh right, to those who might start wondering once they watch this:

In the game, the spell Rock Break in the Japanese version is the equivalent of Stalagmite in the US version.

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