New Tales of Hearts Commercial (with Hi-Ougi) + Tales of the Abyss Episode 9

Before I continue on with Abyss, a new commercial for Tales of Hearts has been released.

I'm not sure about the other versions, but this one is for the anime version, and shows a sneak peek of Kohak's hi-ougi. It's up on our YouTube channel, and you can view it here.

Anyway, here's episode 9. We apologize for the delay. Thanksgiving, so yeah >.<; EDIT: Added additional torrent dl links, since nyaatorrents is currently having problems. Their trackers are working fine though.

HD 1280x720 H264+AAC - Torrent1 | Torrent2 | Torrent3 | MegaUpload |DDL

SD 704x400 XviD+MP3 - Torrent | Torrent2 | Torrent3 | MegaUpload | DDL

It saddens me that some people gave up on our subs just because of our episode 1 version 1, when in fact our encode's gotten a whole lot better by version 2 (Aka~~). Oh well.

Oh, and translator's note. THIS IS SPOILERISH, SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME. This note explains why we chose "Wyon Cavern" instead of "Ortion Cavern."

(Highlight for SPOILERS): Wyon Cavern is named after Dist the Reaper's real name: Saphir Wyon Neis. The reason it became "Ortion" cavern in the game is because they made it appear as "Dist Ortion Neis" (lol pun >.>). They however never actually call Dist "Dist Ortion Neis" in the game. It's always been "Dist" OR "Saphir." Dist has his own reasons for using the name "Dist" (said reason happens to be in the drama cd), so he most certainly never used his name as "Dist Ortion Neis." It makes more sense, using "Wyon Cavern" this time. And it feels kind of awkward, since Wyon and Ortion are nothing alike, compared to our other exceptions, such as Regret/Legretta and Fonim/Fonon. We hope you understand ^^;
(end spoilers)

Edit: Why Dist is using the name "Dist" (again, spoilers... somewhat):Saphir was one day making a drawing of a robot, and he happily shows said drawing to Jade. Jade asks what its name is, and thinkin for a bit, Dist calls it "Kaiser Dist" thinking it sounds cool. Jade replies with "Impressive.... Impressive bad taste." But we all know Saphir, he thought Jade was praising him, hearing only the "impressive" part. That's why he sticks to the name.(endspoiler)

Next episode is "Return of Atonement." Starts where (spoiler) Luke introduces himself to Teodoro, and ends with the party saving Ion and Natalia from the Oracle Knight Headquarters.(/spoiler) The episode after that will be "City of Falling Snow," which concentrates more on Jade's past.

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