The AC Fansub Team in DIRE NEED of Karaoke FXers... Again!

I know everyone's been asking us when we're going to release our subs of Tales of Symphonia: The Animation. Everything's going fine and dandy, subs have been timed and quality checked and all that, but we have one major problem.

The guy we had for Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike's karaoke has decided to quit. That again left us without a karaoke fx'er. We've posted in other anime communities asking for help (Anime Suki), but so far, no one seems interested.

If there's anyone, anyone at all, within the Tales community that's experienced as a karaoke fx'er, can design the karaoke according to our preferences and is willing to help, please do contact us/comment below. We'd be very grateful to have this project released already. This is the only main thing that's hindering us from doing so.

Thank you very much, guys.

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