Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ BD/DVD/UMD Release date announced

The release date for the Blu-ray/DVD/UMD of Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~ is announced. It would be released on May 28, 2010The prices for each are as follows:
Blu-Ray - 8,190 JPY (around 91 USD)
DVD - 6,090 JPY (around 68 USD)
UMD - 2,940 JPY (around 33 USD)

There'll be a code included in the Blu-ray disc which allows you to downloadtwo new costumes."Yuri Narikiri Costume Fedrok Corps. Lightweight Ver."and "Estelle Narikiri Costume Fedrok Corps. Hisca Ver./Chastel Ver."(spellings are based on the pamphlet at the theater showing. thanks for the translation, cutepresea!)

Also, the additional content of the discs include: the promotional videos, an audio commentary of the cast and staff and some illustrations.

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EDIT: YES, the Abyssal Chronicles fansubbing team will be subbing Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~. The staff is all set for it already.

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