AC Weigh-In: December 2019 - Happy Holidays!

For the December 2019 AC Weigh-In, we talk a little about the holidays!

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With the year coming to a close, what was your memorable Tales-related event or moment for the year and why?


I guess the most memorable for me that comes to mind right now would be the reveal of Tales of Arise. There's been a lot of dead time wherein we didn't get any news for the upcoming games (aside from Crestoria and Vesperia Definitive), so seeing Arise was something that got everyone very very excited. Especially that time when the trailer was out - the game looks stunning, fluid and wonderful.
Grace I had two: Starting the Tales Let's Play columns and getting a Twitter friend into the Tales fandom. I mainly started the Tales LP column because I want to show that I can also review Tales walkthroughs since gaming is popular nowadays. It's currently on hiatus because I got a job and need to adjust on my time. I'll be back early 2020. One of my Twitter friends was interested in Arise and asked about the Tales series. Given that I'm a huge fan, I gave him a whole darn lecture and he's now a Tales fan. He even says that I'm one of the reasons he's a fan.
Flamzeron For me, it's a tie between the reveal for Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition and the reveal for Tales of Arise. With Vesperia, it was a nice surprise that felt like getting that new Game Boy or whatever that you wanted for Christmas. The announcement for Arise was both exciting and scary at the same time. On one hand, we finally got word on the next big Tale games, but on the other, it seemed very different than what's been done in the past.
Amy While I enjoyed replaying a bunch of Tales games with friends this year, I think my favorite Tales memory is when spouse got me the matching Sorey and Mikleo Alter figures for my birthday. They're super cute smiling at each other but the gift is also really meaningful because I originally played Tales of Zestiria with her. <3
Khayyaam My most memorable Tales event for this year is Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition finally getting released! I'm happy that not only do I finally get to play this version of the game, but also that it brought so many people to try it out as well.
Returner7 Tales of Arise E3 reveal, because I wasn't expecting an announcement for another mothership title till 2020 since the "Dark Souls like" genre has gained so much acclaim/popularity in the mainstream lately.

Happy Holidays to you! If given the chance, which Tales character (or group of Tales characters) would you want to spend the Holidays with?


Let's see... I'd love to have Yuri there because good food, Jade because I'm sure he'd find some way to make it hilarious, and then practically just my favorite Tales characters like Chester, Arche, Stahn, Leon, Genis, Norma, Sorey, Mikleo, Jude, Ruca, etc.
Grace II'd like to spend Christmas with the Xillia cast. There would be good food and a fun party given that it's more modern.
Flamzeron I thinking spending the holidays with the crew from Tales of Symphonia or Tales of Eternia would be fun. There would be more people to talk to at the Symphonia table (assuming this is an indoors party) and with everyone coming from different backgrounds, the conversations would be interesting. Though at the Eternia table, I feel like the conversation and mood would be a lot more grounded and personable. Honestly, if I could just hand our with Reid and Lloyd, that would be enough for me! We could set up a bonfire and eat chicken tenders. Not gonna lie, that sounds pretty awesome.
Amy Hmm... I would enjoy ingesting calories in a holiday meal with Milla, haha! That said, the Tales of Link characters always had some really fun shenanigans around the holidays. In that world, there's a group of very buff special operatives (and reindeer) known as the "Santa Association" who break into houses and deposit gifts with the aid of smoke bombs and other stealth supplies. It's some of my favorite bizarre Christmas lore I've ever encountered, so I'd love to go along on an annual help-the-Santa-Association-save-Christmas mission, hahaha!
Khayyaam This is a tough one, I love most of the casts in the series! I guess I'd pick the Graces cast-they're like a big family and they definitely know how to have fun together, with not much baggage between them as well.
Returner7 Definitely the Vesperia cast, they seem like the most laid back, down to earth, and relatable cast by a long shot, though I would certainly enjoy the antics of the Graces F cast, Pascal and Malik in particular.

Any particular Tales game or Tales-related merchandise you would in your wishlist you would love to have for the Holidays? (And no, we're not buying, we're just wondering. Ha)


LOL. Nothing really, but I always did want to have the Tales of Zestiria the X Sorey and Mikleo figures under the ALTAiR brand by Alter. Those two look gorgeous.
Grace Any sort of artbook or Ludger's pocketwatch. I like watches and clocks, so it would be cool to have.
Flamzeron Lately, I've been looking at the European and Korean releases of some of the Tales games. I've been able to get all the Tales games and their different ports, so I almost have a complete set (besides the other versions of Fandom Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.) For my collection, I've considered getting any Tales game that has unique content, such as a different menu and opening sequence like in the Fandom games or a foreign language dub, such as the Korean dub of Tales of Destiny 2. I also kind of want to get my hands on the other collector's editions, but that's more of a pipe dream. And by pipe dream, I mean it'll probably never happen unless I won the lottery and was forced against my will to spend all of my money on it. Like, if Beerus from Dragon Ball threatened to hakai me, I'd probably do it.
Amy I've got the Alter Eizen figure on my wishlist. Not specially for the holidays, just in general.
Khayyaam Well, before I get more merch, I should finish my tales collection. Basically, I'd like any Tales game I don't currently own, such as the DS titles besides Tempest. But I'm thankful that my collection is more complete than most people ever get a chance to have!
Returner7 Symphonia Chronicles Collectors Edition! That was the only one I wasn't able to pre-order in time 🙁

Speaking of the Holidays, which particular winter-themed town or city is your favorite among the Tales games and why?


I have an attachment to Keterburg from Tales of the Abyss, but it's more of because I like the whole Jade backstory more than anything. Also, casino yeahhhh! I also like Peruti from Tales of Eternia because we got to see the characters in adorable winter gear for a short amount of time.
Grace Keterburg because there's a lot to do and I really like how the place looks. The buildings are all pretty. I like brick houses. The colors match the snow and concrete.
Flamzeron I'm partial to Flanoir from Tales of Symphonia, due to nostalgia from my first playthrough back in the day. I remember renting the game from Blockbuster during Christmas break from school and playing it every day! Arlee from Tales of Phantasia is also a nice town. I like the night sky and calm atmosphere. It's almost like everyone is inside waiting for Christmas to arrive.
Amy I love Flanoir from Tales of Symphonia because of the emotional conversations that take place there. The snow provides a beautiful backdrop. One of my favorite phone wallpapers is actually Lloyd and Colette holding hands in Flanoir with a little snow bunny on the railing.
Khayyaam Definitely Keterburg. The snow sculptures are fun (particularly the pac-man one), the casino and labyrinth are fun diversions, and the music is nice. Plus, it's the hometown of my favorite Tales character: Jade Curtiss!
Returner7 Flanoir hands down, it's the most "Christmas like" and upbeat of the winter/arctic towns and holds many memories for me as the anchor town for the last act of Symphonia and a romantic backdrop for the various character "dating" events.

Lastly, what are your wishes for the Tales of Series for the coming year of 2020? Anything you're looking forward to?


I would love to see Arise out by this year, but if that's going to make it rushed, I don't mind seeing it in 2021. Aside from that, I just hope Crestoria will have a great launch globally.
Grace Tales of Arise and Tales of Crestoria's releases from a realistic standpoint. Though, if I had just one impossible wish, it would be a Legendia remaster. PLEASE BAMCO.
Flamzeron My only wish at the moment is that Tales of Arise lives up to the Tales spirit. I've expressed concerns regarding the series' identity in previous Weigh-Ins, so I won't repeat myself. That being said, I've been impressed with each new trailer, so my hopes RISE (I'm sorry) up pretty quickly. We'll just have to see!
Amy Crestoria actually coming out (I hope!) and more Tales of Arise news!
Khayyaam  Obviously like anyone else I'm just waiting pensively for more info on Arise (especially battle system and skits), but what I'd especially like to see is news for other ports or remakes. But if I'm allowed to have a pipe dream, I'd like to see announcement of a new game as well! I know Arise isn't out yet, but an escort or even an alternately developed mothership like we've had before would be nice.
Returner7 With the change in leadership for the Tales team, I am hoping for a huge step up in storytelling and quality in the future Tales titles to rival the universal appeal of Symphonia, Vesperia, and maybe even Final Fantasy in the west. The more recent titles certainly felt rushed and incomplete, though I thoroughly enjoyed Berseria and Xillia. I am definitely looking forward to Arise, what I'm seeing so far looks great! Finally, I know it's unlikely but please, for the love of god, don't release Arise around the same time as Resident Evil 3 Remake/Cyberpunk 2077/Final Fantasy VII Remake!!!

Any suggestions for next month, or anything that you want to respond to? Feel free to share them in the comments below~

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