Which Version 3 Do You Guys Like Better?

Due to... uhm, I-don't-know-what, I found myself making two version 3's of AC. But now, I can't decide which to continue. So, I'd like everyone's opinion on the matter.

(EDITI appreciate all the constructive comments about the layouts, really. They made me realize a few things about the layout I've made, as well as how to improve them. Thanks so much ^_^. Poll closes on Friday by the way, and a little after that, there will be a new poll up, regarding the layout of the Tales pages =D)

The poll is above, and the images are here (and for Martel's sake, don't spam vote. Why'd you even spam vote for something like this X_X):



Tranquil Breeze

The highs and lows, and things to note:

~A main navi button will look like the "Gallery" button when mouse is hovered above it.
~^At 1024 resolution, meaning, more content can be handled.
~^Google Ads will not hinder the content below.
~^Shoutbox/tagboard will be very near the banner, since our host's domains are moved higher. Easier access.
~V... big banner?
~Will stick with one banner. Characters in it (except Kanonno and the Descender, cuz I love them) will change depending on upcoming new Tales game or recently released game. Why isn't Emil there? I don't know >_<;

Tranquil Breeze
~A main navi button will look like the "Affiliation" button when mouse is hovered above it.
~^More compact
~^less than 1024 resolution
~V Less content can be handled, 'cause of resolution, as well as them ads. >_<;
~V Our host's domains will be above the shoutbox/tagboard.
~Banner will always be Colette and Lloyd. Vesperia banner -may- change...
~If you vote for this, I will be converting it to a 1024 resolution for space purposes.
~ The "Backend Updates" will be below the Ads.

Votes/comments/suggestion/rants are appreciated. Thanks ^_^/. The poll will be up for a week. Also take note that the only main difference is the format of the upper part and a few positionings. The lower parts, like the news, and navi, are exactly the same.

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