Radiant Mythology 2 High Quality OP Up for DL~ + Undine's Reply + Thanks!

Download of Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2's opening movie.

704x400 XviD AVI - MediaFire
704x400 WMV - MediaFire
YouTube (HD and song translation available in YT)
~~ Links posted to the Other Tales Videos Page.

... Will I make more images like that above for gallery updates...? ... Probably... not...

EDIT: Undine has replied!

"Thank you so much for all your great work and I fully appreciate your
passing on this lovely sheet to me. It looks so wonderful! I am really glad
to have seen the Brigade grow together and hope that you will all continue
to do so long after. I shall remember you smile.gif

Thank you again for everything and I have to drop by sometime to see how all
the Brigadiers are doing =)

Hopefully, we might see Undine lurking around here or the Tales Forums in the future =D.

And we'd also like to thank anthony_cloud_moores for donating $7 to the site! Much appreciated!

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