Tales of Black Friday - Huge Sales on Amazon and STEAM, Upcoming Tales of Merchandise Pre-orders

Check out these deals on Tales!

Black Friday is here! Check out these awesome ongoing sales for the Tales of Series, and some upcoming Tales of Series merchandise!

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Check out these ongoing sales for Tales games, mostly for Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise Retail Sales (Amazon, GameStop)

Tales of Arise is currently on huge sales over at Amazon and GameStop! You can get the regular edition for as low as $29.99 (PS5 version). The Ultimate Edition is also on sale over at GameStop. Sales are also being held in European branches of Amazon.



Tales of Arise Digital Sales

The Microsoft and PlayStation Stores are also holding sales on the digital versions of Tales of Arise. Check them out below! Linked below are specifically the US ones, but other regions have them on sale as well:

Tales of Arise Bandai Namco Store Sales

Tales of Arise is also on sale at the official Bandai Namco Stores, specifically the North American and European branches (Asia doesn't). For those in EU, using 1,000 Epic points adds an additional 20% off! Both stores also have some Tales of Arise shirts on pre-order.

STEAM Tales of Series Sales

STEAM's Autumn Sale is in full swing, and this includes all the Tales of Series games on the platform in some degree of a discount, ranging from 25-85%. Tales of Arise is also at 25% off. Check them out here or the individual games below:

Upcoming Tales of Arise and Tales of Series Merchandise

For those looking for something new, here are a few Tales of Series merchandise open for pre-orders, or to be released pretty soon:

  • Theme song of Tales - 25th Anniversary Opening Movie Collection - This Blu-ray set contains majority of the Tales of Series animated opening movies. Comes with a special booklet. Available for pre-order on CDJapan or Play-Asia.

  • Tales of Arise Acrylic Character Stands - Adorable acrylic displays of the Tales of Arise characters with their own unique backgrounds each. Each of the 6 party members have their own versions. Available for pre-order on CDJapan.

  • Frederic x Keina Suda - ANSWER - CD release of Tales of Luminaria's inspired song, ANSWER. The release also includes the game's opening theme, TOMOSHI BEAT by Frederic, and the game's ending theme Regret by Keina Suda. The Limited Edition is in a cardboard sleeve. Available for pre-order on CDJapan.

  • Tales of Dream Project ~Fiesta Songs~ - in the closest thing to Tales characters as idols you'll get, Tales of Dream Project is a select few Tales of Series voice actors forming their own unit, the Tales of Dreamers. This new release contains their newest song, Positive Gate, along with other covers of a few Tales of Series openings. You can read more about it here. This has already been released and is available at CDJapan.

That's it for this special Tales of Merchandise post! Be sure to spend wisely!

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