Golden Week becomes Guilty Gear week in new Tales of The Rays Collab!

Rays The Lightning!

That's right, the unexpected crossover between Tales of The Rays and Arc System Works' flagship Fighting Game series Guilty Gear returns for Golden Week, with new Guilty Gear (and Tales) characters joining the fight!
Almost 2 years ago the official Tales of Youtube Channel shocked the world with the announcement of a Guilty Gear collaboration. The crossover was quite well received, and many players clamored for a rerun. Thankfully those prayers have been answers as Guilty Gear returns to Rays with 2 new Guilty Gear characters and 3 Tales characters getting Guilty Gear inspired artes and collab outfits! You can check out the preview here:

The first new character added to Rays is Bridget! Introduced in Guilty Gear XX, she makes a return to Strive and brings her weaponized Yo-Yo and trusty sidekick/teddy bear Roger. The second new character is Guilty Gear's original Deuteragonist and Sol Badguy's longtime rival Ky Kiske, who fights using Thunderseal and iconic moves like Ride The Lightning. Also, rolling their Mirrage Artes in the gacha will get you access to their alternate colors, pulled straight from Guilty Gear -Strive-.

The second side of this collab is, of course, the Tales characters who get to have artes and costumes based on Guilty Gear characters. As seen in the video above, the ones who get to join in on the fun this time are:

Duke Pantarei comes dresses as Testament, another classic Guilty Gear who fights using a scythe and blood magic. As boss characters who shunned humanity, they're surprisingly similar.

Milla Maxwell takes on the role of the samurai Baiken, who has no qualms with pulling out hidden weapons like Tatami traps from the floor.

Stahn Aileron gets to be Sol Badguy himself! They're both fiery, hotheaded, spiky long haired protagonists from PS1 video games, so naturally it makes sense.

Of course, all characters from the first collab return too, with details shown in the previous article linked above. On top of that, Sol Badguy will get new artes as well, including a new Overray Mirrage Arte based on Heavy Mob Cemetary, a move that incorporates his Dragon Install (thus befitting an Overray's purpose as a Mirrage Arte that incorporates a character's special abilities.) The other returning characters are: Ramlethal from Guilty Gear, Patty dressed as May, Alice dressed as I-no, Dist dressed as Faust, Bruiser dressed as potemkin, Magilou dressed as Jack-O, Shizel dressed as Zato-1 and Jay dressed as Chipp.

Below is a schedule you'll want to keep an eye on for the duration of this and concurrent events. Like usual, Arte and Costume previews will be available at the bottom of this article. The rest of this article will be a guide to this event: what you want to do to recruit each character and what you should aim for to unleash their full potential!

Guilty Gear -STRIVE-: Loop of Despair Start Time End Time
Guilty Gear Event Quests/Raid April 28th, 14:00 JST May 14th, 10:59 JST
Guilty Gear Rerun Event Shop April 28th, 14:00 JST May 14th, 23:59 JST
Guilty Gear Gacha Banners April 28th, 14:00 JST May 14th, 10:59 JST
Guilty Gear Ticket Gacha April 28th, 14:00 JST May 14th, 23:59 JST
Guilty Gear Gacha Grade Shop April 28th, 14:00 JST May 14th, 23:59 JST
Tales of Festival Daily Free Multi Banner April 28th, 14:00 JST May 10th, 23:59 JST

Be sure to refer back to this if you're worried about how much time you'll have left. Remember, you can only get Guilty Gear characters and Guilty Gear Artes for Tales characters during the event period! There's also a Daily Free Multi for Tales characters through the Tales of Festival banner. It's not related to this event, but be sure to take advantage of it.

Before anything, you should use your free pulls. On your home screen you may notice this yellow alert icon on the bottom right- this takes you to the Gacha screen, which has the free pulls.

The free pulls are on the Guilty Gear banners. You may notice each button has an option for a 0 cost pull- simply press these buttons and select the option that costs 0 for free pulls.

There are also Dia Step Up banners for guilty Gear characters. Step up banners are usually paid currency only, but they give a higher chance at Master and Mirrage Artes the more you pull on them. It's advised to take advantage of this too, especially since Grade is shared between all banners with the same characters.

Let's move on to unlocking the Guilty Gear characters and playing the event itself. In the quests menu (second from the left on the bottom) you'll go to the events section, the second tab from the top. As this is both a rerun and a new event, there are 4 banners for Guilty Gear quests. You'll unlock Sol by playing through Guilty Gear -Strive-: Loop of Despair, Ramlethal by playing through Guilty Gear -Strive-: Break The Nightmare and Bridget by playing through Guilty Gear -Strive-: For The Wish.

Ky is a little different. At the beginning of the event, he can only be recruited by acquiring his 5* Master Arte or Mirrage Artes in the banner. However, he'll be recruited for free for everyone alongside his first skit when the Raid is completed. You'll unlock the Raid part of For The Wish after playing through the event quests. You'll be taken to a screen that looks something like this, where you'll just tap each boss picture to be taken to their raid quests.

When setting up your party for Raid Quests, you may notice a percentage on each party member. That's the Raid Bonus, and you'll get more Raid points for higher total Raid Bonuses across your party. You're encouraged to get your raid bonus as high as possible before even attempting each quest. It's weighted towards characters featured in the event, which means both Guilty Gear characters and Tales characters with Guilty Gear costumes in this case.

You're also scored based on how well you do in raid battles as well. In particular, you're scored on Time and Combo Damage. You'll get the maximum bonus for clearing each quest in under 15 seconds and dealing a majority of damage in a single combo, so keep playing these quests to practice until you know how to open bosses up and convert to a winning combo speedily!

In addition to unlocking Ky and his skit when the raid ends, there's a lot of reason to farm the Raid for individual rewards for each player. In particular, Raid Rewards are the only way to get the Faultless Defense/Roman Cancel artes and Level Uncap shards for Ky and Bridget. Here's a list of key rewards from the raid and what milestone you'll have to reach for each:

Raid Reward Description/Points Required
Ky and Bridget's event artes. These artes allow them to use Faultless Defense and Roman Cancel. Earned at 27500 raid points and maxed out at 160000 raid points.
Ky and Bridget's Mirrage Shards. Uncaps Level at 50, 60 and 70 (allowing up to level 80). Earned at 30000, 150000 and 400000 points.
Special Tickets. There's a guaranteed 5* ticket at 1.5 million points, a guaranteed Mirrage Ticket for Sol and Ramlethal at 3 million points and a guaranteed Mirrage Ticket for Ky and Bridget at 4 million points.

In addition to raid rewards, there's also two event shops for the Rerun portion of this event. The one in Loop of Despair has tickets and artes for Sol, while the one in Break The Nightmare has tickets and artes for Ramlethal. You'll want to check them out for their exclusive artes and level uncap shards just like what the raid gives for Ky and Bridget. Here's a list of the key items to get from each shop.

Event Shop Items Description/Cost
Sol and Ramlethal's Event Artes. These allow Sol to use Volcanic Viper and Ramlethal to use Agresa Ordono. Available for 3000 Burgers (Sol) or 3000 Coins (Ramlethal). Can buy extra copies to max limit boost at 10000 Burges (Sol) or 10000 Coins (Ramlethal) each.
Sol and Ramlethal's Mirrage Shards. Uncaps Level at 50 and 60 (allowing up to level 70). Mirrage Shard 1 Costs 4000 Burgers (Sol) or Coins (Ramlethal) while the respective Mirrage Shard IIs cost 40000 Burgers (Sol) or 40000 Coins (Ramlethal)

You can also access the event shop (useful for last minute purchases after the event quests are gone) through the shop tab on the bottom menu. Simply press the button on the right here...

Then press the top left button here.

And you'll be taken to a list of shops- the Guilty Gear shops should be near the top, right under zelos as of the time of this writing.

As for the currency you'll use for those shops, those are thankfully quite easy to obtain! You'll acquire them passively as you play the game and perform Just Inputs, Mirrage Artes or send out orders. You can focus on the raid event for Ky and Bridget's rewards and still earn enough to clean out the shop, including plenty of Gacha tickets!

There's also a new panel of missions for even more rewards such as a ticket that guarantees a Gacha Mirrage Arte! You'll automatically be taken to it when you log in, but in case you can't find it, simply go to the home screen and touch the leftmost diamond shaped button on the bottom right.

Here's how the panel missions look, alongside a translation of everything you have to do to get all rewards. You can also touch each part of the panel to go directly to the thing you must do to complete the mission.

Complete Chapter 5 Buddy Complete Quest [Vs. Ky] Use Mirrage Artes 5 Times
Defeat 10 Enemies Complete 5 Quests With Ky On Your Team Complete 5 Quests With Bridget On Your Team
Use 200 AP Collect one day's Log-In Bonus Collect Log-In Bonuses for 7 days

That should be everything you need to aim for this event! Thankfully this event isn't split into multiple parts like last time, so everything you need should be covered in this article. And without further ado, here are the arte and costume previews:

Ky Kiske


Stahn Aileron

Milla Maxwell

Duke Pantarei

Sol Badguy

Slash! That's it for Guilty Gear week. There are now 4 Guilty Gear characters to play as in Tales of The Rays' LMBS, and a whopping 11 Tales characters with Guilty Gear artes and costumes! This event will last for a while but it's also a new month so expect more general Rays news soon!

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