The Scarlet Nexus x Tales of The Rays Crossover Event is here!

The previously announced Tales of The Rays x Scarlet Nexus event has begun. Check out the new costumes and Artes from the collab here, as well as how to unlock our new character, Kasane!
Scarlet Nexus is a 2021 Action RPG developed by Bandai Namco. It's notable for Tales fans because the developers are long time developers for Tales titles, including the director Kenji Anabuki and writer Takumi Miyajima. Due to the overlap between both fans and developers, a crossover event in Rays feels like a long time coming. Scarlet Nexus had already collaborated with Asteria, so it may seem like it was only a matter of time, however it seems Kenji Anabuki was pushing for a Rays collaboration for a while. And no wonder too, it's only right for a game that celebrates the series history like Rays to celebrate other works by longtime Tales devs as well.

The event SCARLET NEXUS - Scarlet Guardians is a bit more focused than recent collab events. There is one new character from Scarlet Nexus available: the heroine Kasane Randall. She comes with her psychic powers of course, but also her dedicated Brain Drive mechanic that powers her up for a short period of time. Alongside her are four Tales characters who get costumes and Artes based on Scarlet Nexus characters for the collaboration: Leia dressed as Hanabi, Veigue dressed as Karen, Mercuria dressed as Arashi and Rays' very own Ix dressed as Yuito. Like usual the Arte and Costume previews will be at the bottom of this article. But read on to see how to recruit Kasane and make the most of this event!

Firstly, here's how to recruit Kasane. To do that, just go to the Event Quests tab and tap the big banner with Kasane on it to start playing through the Scarlet Nexus quests.

Then by playing through the quests you'll automatically unlock Kasane, although she only comes with one Arte. By playing the event you can unlock the rest of her Artes and gain chances to gacha for her and other character's MA. Interestingly, it seems the way you unlock her first skit differs depending on when you recruit her. We can confirm you unlock her skit by recruiting her after completing the first quest, however players who already got her through the gacha report unlocking her through the second quest. Of course, you should be playing all the quests anyway, so ultimately everyone can access that skit

There are two regular gacha banners and two step up banners available for this event Keep an eye out for the Free Single and Multi pulls as well as the Dia Step Up banners! And here is a timetable for this event:

SCARLET NEXUS - Scarlet Guardians Start Time End Time
Scarlet Nexus Event Quests February 17 2023, 18:00 JST February 28 2023, 10:59 JST
Scarlet Nexus Gacha Banners February 17 2023, 18:00 JST February 28 2023, 10:59 JST
Scarlet Nexus Ticket Banners February 17 2023, 18:00 JST February 28 2023, 10:59 JST
Scarlet Nexus Event Shop February 17 2023, 18:00 JST February 28 2023, 10:59 JST

Be sure to refer back to this if you're worried about how much time you'll have left. Remember, you can only get Scarlet Nexus characters and Scarlet Nexus Artes/costumes for Tales characters during the event period!

Before anything, you should use your free pulls. Just go to the gacha tab on the bottom right and look for the options that cost 0 Diamonds or Mirrogems!

There's also a Dia Step Up for the collaboration characters. Step up banners are usually paid currency only, but they give a higher chance at Master and Mirrage Artes the more you pull on them. It's advised to take advantage of this too, especially since Grade is shared between related banners.

As for the event itself, after completing every quest you'll have unlocked the farming quests, costing 40 and 80 AP each. It's highly recommended to try farming using the 80 AP quests if you can, with the very bottom one giving the most reward. It also restricts your party to only characters related to the event, so make sure they're geared up!

Each completed run of the farming quests will give you two types of event currency and special tickets. The 40 AP quest only gives one ticket, while the 80 AP quests give two each. You'll spend these at the event shop, available through the green button at the bottom left of the quest list screen, right under Kasane. The most important things to buy from the event shop are Kasane's 4* weapons as the associated Artes are not available in the gacha, and tickets that let you gacha for characters related to this quest for free. Also be sure to grab Kasane's Mirrage Shards (the crystals) to raise her level cap and her 6th enhance orbs (the orbs with a weapon inside) to upgrade her artes even further. As for the special tickets, there's a guaranteed 5* ticket available for 80 special tickets and a guaranteed Mirrage Arte ticket available for 120 special tickets. That's 200 total tickets, but efficient use of AP should help you collect them fast enough!

There's also a new panel of missions for even more rewards this event- including a ticket that guarantees a Gacha Mirrage Arte! You'll automatically see the panel when you view the home screen, but in case you want to see it again, look for the diamond shaped buttons on the bottom right of the home screen. The leftmost one with the green icon is what you have to tap to get the panel.

Here's how the panel screen looks along with a translation of each mission. You can also touch each segment of the panel to be taken directly to what you need to do to complete the Panel Mission. Complete the entire panel to get a ticket with a guaranteed Mirrage Arte!

Complete Event Quest #01 Complete Event Quest #10 Use 5 Mirrage Artes in quests
Defeat 10 Enemies in Quests Complete 5 Quests With Kasane on your team Complete 15 Quests With Kasane on your team
Use 200 AP Collect one day's Log-In Bonus Collect Log-In Bonuses for 7 days


Finally, the arte and costume previews.

First, a group shot of all 5 characters! When put like this, Kasane fits right in with Tales characters, doesn't she? Or maybe they fit in with her.

Now here's a look at everyone's individual MA and 5* previews!



Kasane of course fights using her psychic powers, but she also brings in a mechanic from Scarlet Nexus itself: Brain Drive. In order to use it in Rays, you just have to spend enough CC in battle. Once done she'll automatically activate Brain Drive, increasing arte speed and power for the duration.



Veigue gets a counterattack for his new collab Arte, and it's possibly the best counterattack Arte in the game!


Just like Hanabi from Scarlet Nexus, Leia is able to cause air to combust with a snap of her fingers.


Mercuria gets a dynamic advancing arte that makes her a viable melee fighter. It looks pretty cool in the Linear Motion Battle System side view, doesn't it?

That's it for this event! Again, it's exciting to see Scarlet Nexus get to come together with Tales in this event. In fact, many fans are already hoping for more Scarlet Nexus collaborations in the future. Don't expect one any time soon of course, but if it does happen, we'll be sure to report on it here.

After this event will be an anniversary event, so be sure to stay tuned for info on that as well!

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