Special Interview! Yasemin - Tales of Cosplay Competition German Winner

Japan Expo 2015 is just around the corner, and so is the elections for the next Tales of Ambassador for Europe! To celebrate this event, we have a few interviews in the upcoming days.

For our first interview, we have Yasemin. She was chosen as the winner of the Tales of Cosplay Competition in Leipziger Buchmesse last March of this year. She won cosplaying as Elize from Tales of Xillia and garnered a trip to Japan Expo 2015 in France and a unique canvas of Tales of Zestiria artwork. She'll also be participating in the upcoming Tales of Ambassador Elections.

Abyssal Chronicles: First things first, why cosplay Elize? Is she your favorite character in the Series? If not, then who?

Yasemin: Actually I had no idea about Elize, when I was asked by a friend to do her for a group Cosplay, for "Border Cosplay Competition" at AnimeCon in The Hague last year. And because she is always very supporting, I decided to inform myself and give it a try. I really liked Elize. Usually I'm not the "shy characters" type. But she goes through an amazing development and that makes her an interesting character. And of course I love her cute and fluffy outfit! ;D

AC: How did you prepare for this particular cosplay? Was it difficult?

I've never done a Cosplay with so much ruffles before... It was like hell. I spended hours on my sofa to make them.

But my main problem was more the lack of time. I also had to prepare costumes for another Convention.

But I could manage to finish everything in time. I'm quite fast with doing costumes, when I have an exact plan, how I want to make it, in my mind.

Fortunately I've already had my costume for the pre-selection at the LBM ready.

AC: How long have you been cosplaying, and which are your favorite cosplays so far? (can be non-Tales!)

Y: I started with Cosplay in 2006, where I visited for the first time the Bookfair in Frankfurt as an very improvised Sakura from Naruto. But seriously I started Cosplay in 2011.


I think one of my favourite Cosplays is my Black Widow (The Avengers) costume. I'm a big Marvel fan. The movie and her were the reason why I started reading Marvel Comics and why I became part of a wonderful fandom. And the costume is quite comfi. ;D

AC: What/Who inspires you or motivates you to cosplay?

Y: I always liked wearing costumes. Already as a kid I always wanted to be dressed up as my favourite characters from my favourite series and movies. Now I have the skills to make that wish come true. And of course the part to improve my skills and be creative is a very important point for my motivation. But the most fun part is, when your friends ask you to make up a group Cosplay and you can work together on your projects.

AC: What's your favorite Tales game?

Y: Well, I really loved Tales of Xillia. But I just started the second part of the game and I think it could become also a favourite. ;D

AC: How did you start picking up the Tales of Series? What was your first Tales game?

Y: Actually the story how I was asked to be Elize in a Cosplay group, was how I came to the Tales of games. Of course I've heard about them before, but never played one. And that point was the reason for me to start it. Thanks to my friend who asked me for the group, I got in contact with those lovely games.

AC: Any cosplay tips you can share with fellow cosplayers out there?

Y: Don't stress yourself! Make a clear plan or your project and think about how you want to make it. Preparation is the most important. If you don't know how to do something watch or read tutorials. Or use to possibility of Facebook Cosplay pages to search for Work in Progress pictures. Or simply ask another Cosplayer. Most of them are very helpful. bigsmile.gif AND if you do your costume for a specific event, arrange enough time for it.

AC: We're sure you wouldn't want to divulge it just yet, but how are your preparations going for the Tales of Ambassador election?

Y: Honestly it's exactly how it shouldn't be. I have a very stressful time at the moment. But I can manage to finish everything till my flight goes to Paris!

AC: Any final words on the upcoming election?

Y: I'm so excited to be part of that great event. It means so much to me. Especially because I didn't expect to win the pre-selection in Leipzig.
I'm very happy that I got the chance to visit the Japan Expo in Paris. I'm sure it's going to be amazing! I'm looking forward to meet the other participants and to gain a unforgettable experience. Thanks to Bandai Namco to make this possible.

Stay tuned tomorrow for even more special interviews for the upcoming Tales of Ambassador Elections! The event itself will take place on July 3rd at Japan Expo 2015 in Paris!

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