Fusionic Force Finally returns in a new Tales of The Rays Festival!

Vote for the best... food?

The Rays of Festival Returns for the first time with March, this time focused on Tales of Rebirth!

It's been a while! The last time Tales of The Rays ran a Rays of Festival event was in March, focused on characters with opposing paths. It's been almost a year since then! They've spent the time since catching up on giving Crossover Mirrage Artes to the promised "losing" pairs, but the event is now back! This time the theme is... Tales of Rebirth! No need to vote for any pairs of characters, because Rebirth's iconic Fusionic Force Finalities return as Crossover Mirrage Artes, released alongside this event!

All six of the playable party members from Rebirth are available in this event, each getting a new Burst 5* Arte and also paired up with another party member for a crossover Mirrage Arte. The three pairs are Veigue and Hilda performing Celsius CaliburMao and Tytree using Crimson Skies and finally Eugene and Annie with Light Blast!

Since this event is focused on Rebirth and the Crossover Mirrage Artes are already here, what do we vote on? It turns out the answer to that is... food! Six iconic food items available in Tales of Rebirth are locked in for the competition this time. You can read on ahead to see exactly which recipes as well as how to vote. And as always, Arte previews will be at the bottom of this article!

Here's a timeline to keep track of for the duration of this event. There are Daily Free 10-rolls every day for the duration of this event so be sure to check every day to roll on it!

Event Name Start Time End Time
The Rays of Festival Voting Event (Part 1) January 10th, 14:00 JST January 14th, 23:59 JST
The Rays of Festival Part 2 event January 14th, 14:00 JST January 20th, 10:59 JST
The Road To Festival Farming Event January 10th, 14:00 JST January 19th, 23: 59 JST
The Road To Festival Event Shop January 10th, 14:00 JST January 19th, 23: 59 JST
Rays of Festival Gacha Banners January 10th, 14:00 JST January 19th, 23: 59 JST
Past Rays of Festival Gacha Banner (Free rolls) January 10th, 14:00 JST January 19th, 23: 59 JST
Current Rays of Festival Ticket Banner January 10th, 14:00 JST January 19th, 23: 59 JST
Past Rays of Festival Ticket Banner January 10th, 14:00 JST January 19th, 23: 59 JST

When you log into the game, you may notice 2 icons sticking out above the menu on the bottom. The left most is the Rays of Festival logo, telling you the rays of festival event is currently going on. The right most is telling you there's a free 1o-roll currently available in the gacha. Let's take advantage of that!

On the Gacha screen, the first banner highlighted should be the one with free rolls. If you lose track of it, look for the one with a dia cost of 0 on the 10-roll option. It's this banner. Make absolutely certain you pick the option with 0 cost!

Let's move on to the main event. If you've never done a Rays Festival before, it can seem kind of complicated. The Voting quest will show up in the event quests separately from The Road To Festival, which is a farming event. In case you're confused, it's this one (the logo being in English helps!)

When you click this, you'll be taken to a page that looks like this. You can't just jump into the quest. You must click the large picture of all the delicious food!

After doing so you'll be taken to a screen with 6 food items.

Pick your top three (or just one or two) in any order, then hit the green button. Hit the white buttons if you're not satisfied with your pick. Afterwards the screen will change to this. Hit the green button on the bottom right to go to set up the quest! (UPDATE: Part 1 has ended so there is no more vote, so this section no longer applies but will remain in this guide for future reference. Challenge quests are still being given daily for the event duration)

The screen will look like this. On the left is a list of challenges and buffs. Pick challenges (red or yellow icons on the left with green triangles giving a positive percentage on the right) to increase points. With all challenges picked, you'll hit the maximum possible score! Note that the score can get even higher if you've acquired any of the new Crossover or Burst Artes.

But if you find a quest too hard, you may pick a buff (blue icon on left, red triangle pointing down on right). These make your characters stronger, but they also reduce points. With all challenges and one buff, you barely score more than no challenges in this example...

After that, you'll go to the usual team selection screen. There's no AP cost and infinite retries, so try your hardest and come up with the best strategies you can think of with the characters you have. As a general rule, Artes that dash through enemies with invincibility such as Ix' Shredding Talons, have high power and low hitcounts like Sophie's Shotstaff Blast, or can debuff enemies like Mint's Acid Rain are all good for Rays fest challenges. It's great to have an event that lets you use characters you've been building up for a while!

If you're looking for something to use your AP on though, there's also a farming event! The quest banner is below the one for the voting event, with the name The Road T Festival.)

After finishing all the quests, the final quest is 70 AP with a single fight, which is what you'll want to repeat to farm. It gives the usual high and low currencies, but the quest also gives double bond points, so consider using this opportunity to increase the bond level of some characters, since there's a lot of rewards to doing so.

That's all you have to do for this event for now, but this article will be updated when part 2 drops! And now, time for the arte previews, starting with the Crossover Mirrage Artes!

Veige & Hilda: Celsius Calibur

Tytree & Mao: Crimson Skies

Eugene & Annie: Light Blast

And now here are the new Burst 5* artes added for each character!


For the base of the arte, Veigue can imbue his blade, adding the water element to all of his artes, which can be very useful on enemies weak to water!





Annie's Burst 5* can inflict the No Guard debuff, not only removing enemy's iron stance instantly but also disabling their ability to guard at all, allowing you to easily interrupt enemies even if your artes don't properly combo!


That's all for now! But stay tuned, the next event is a Zestiria event, and it's coming in only a few days. So be sure to check back for information on that as it comes!

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