Slayers Returns to Tales of The Rays with new characters in a new Collab Event!

Leon's first collaboration costume!?

As part of an anniversary celebration for both Tales and Slayers, Tales of The Rays ran a collaboration event bringing Slayers characters as well as costumes and artes based on Slayers for Tales characters. They are collaborating once more this month, bringing even more characters, costumes and artes to Tales!
Slayers first collaborated with Tales of The Rays exactly 2 years ago in 2020. It was one of the most well received crossovers Tales of The Rays featured so this return is welcome! The returning characters are of course the main party of Slayers themselves. The famous Lina Inverse will naturally return, with Ragna Blade as a new Ending Mirrage arte as well as a new Burst 5*! The other returning Slayers characters are the Sword of Light wielding Gourry Gabriev, the half golem Zelgadis Graywords and the champion of Justice Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun.  The returning featured Tales characters are Reid dressed as Xelloss, Farah dressed as Amelia, Guy dressed as Gourry and Natalia dressed as Naga.

The original event had a large amount of characters with 4 each of Slayers and Tales characters. The number is even bigger now with two new Slayers characters: Naga the White Serpent and Xellos the Priest. Xellos previously only appeared as the boss of the raid part of the event when this collaboration first ran, but now he is the first playable Collab Boss Character! The second part of the event is not running at the time of writing this article, but it'll bring Slayers costumes and artes to four Tales characters: Mint dressed as Sylphiel, Mithos as Hellmaster Fibrizo, Van as Valgaav and Leon as Zelgadis! Update: All characters are now available! And as always, all arte and costume previews will be at the bottom of this article!

The first order of business is of course to recruit the Slayers characters. To do that, just go to the Event Quests tab and play through the quests, with the characters pictured being unlocked early in each quest list! There are three groups of quests: the first one unlocks the newcomers Xellos and Naga, while the second and third groups are a reruns of the original collab event and unlocks the rest of the slayers group.

There's quite a lot of Gacha banners in this event as well! Keep an eye out for the Free Single and Multi pulls as well as the Dia Step Up banners!

Tales of The Rays x Slayers Rerun Start Time End Time
Slayers Xellos/Naga Quests December 20 2022, 18:00 JST January 10 2023, 10:59 JST
Slayers Rerun Quests December 20 2022, 18:00 JST January 10 2023, 10:59 JST
Slayers Raid Rerun Quests December 20 2022, 21:00 JST January 10 2023, 10:59 JST
Slayers Naga and Xellos Event Shop December 20 2022, 18:00 JST January 10 2023, 10:59 JST
Slayers Rerun Event Shop December 20 2022, 18:00 JST January 10 2023, 10:59 JST
Slayers Collab Part 1 Gacha Banners December 20 2022, 18:00 JST January 10 2023, 10:59 JST
Slayers Collab Part 1 Grade Shop December 20 2022, 18:00 JST January 10 2023, 23:59 JST
Slayers Collab Part 1 Ticket Banners December 20 2022, 18:00 JST January 10 2023, 23:59 JST
Slayers Collab Part 2 Raid  December 31st 2022, 14:00 JST January 10 2023, 10:59 JST
Slayers Collab Part 2 Gacha Banner December 31st 2022, 14:00 JST January 10 2023, 23:59 JST
Slayers Collab Part 2 Grade Shop December 31st 2022, 14:00 JST January 10 2023, 23:59 JST

Be sure to refer back to this if you're worried about how much time you'll have left. Remember, you can only get Slayes characters and Slayers artes/costumes for Tales characters during the event period!

Before anything, you should use your free pulls. Just go to the gacha tab on the bottom right and look for the options that cost 0 Diamonds or Mirrogems!

There's also a Dia Step Up for the collaboration characters. Step up banners are usually paid currency only, but they give a higher chance at Master and Mirrage Artes the more you pull on them. It's advised to take advantage of this too, especially since Grade is shared between related banners.

Since this event is technically half rerun, there's currently three sets of event shop currency to acquire, as well as 6th enhancement orbs for Slayers characters. Use each featured character enough times to get the enhancement orbs, and use MAs, spend AP and perform Just! inputs to acquire currency. There's one set of currency for Xellos and Naga's shop and two sets of currency for the reruns. You can find each event shop through the bottom left button in their corresponding quest lists.

After you've done every quest you'll begin farming using the 40 or 80 AP quests at the end of Naga and Xelloss' quest list. Update: this is no longer available due to part 1 ending. You can still recruit Naga and Xellos, but you'll have to collect currency through the missions listed above.

The most important things to get in the shops are Event Weapons (4* artes available in all shops), Mirrage Shards (crystals with character icons on them to increase max level) and 6th enhancement orbs for Slayers (the spheres with the staff inside). In addition to that, you'll get a special blue ticket for every farming quest you complete, collect enough and you'll be able to spend them on tickets that guarantee Mirrage Artes or 5*s for this event!

Update: We're in Part 2 of the Slayers collab, featuring Mithos, Van, Mint and Leon! This part of the event is a Raid. In order to participate, click on the new quest banner here.

You'll be taken to a splash screen with an image of each unlocked boss, starting with a mysterious purple haired woman in a mask. Click on the image of each boss to be taken to their quest list.

After you do all the raid quests, repeat the highest difficulty quests you can consistently clear quickly to accumulate raid points. If you can't clear the highest one consistently don't worry, you'll get the same amount of points per AP on lower difficulty quests, until the raid is completed (at which point higher difficulty quests that give a higher point per AP ratio are released.) When the total number of raid points across all players reaches a certain threshold, the raid will be cleared. So pick your highest scoring team, the best helper you can find and try to kill those bosses in one combo!

You also get rewards for your personal point total. If you're wondering what point total to aim for, the most important rewards are at 1,500,000 points and an MA select ticket at 3,000,000 points. These let you pick what you want from the gacha, so they're very valuable! The MA select is the final reward so once you acquire it, you're done with the event.

By the way, unrelated to the Slayers event, there are also event quests for New Years that give a bunch of goodies. It's worth clearing them for the dia!

There's also a new panel of missions for even more rewards this event- including a ticket that guarantees a Gacha Mirrage Arte! Here's how the panel screen looks along with a translation of each mission.

Complete Event Quest #01 Complete Event Quest #10 Use 5 Mirrage Artes in quests
Defeat 10 Enemies in Quests Complete 5 Quests With Naga on your team Complete 5 Quests With Xellos on your team
Use 200 AP Collect one day's Log-In Bonus Collect Log-In Bonuses for 7 days


Finally, the arte and costume previews.

First a look at Lina, Xellos and Naga's alternate costumes! These can be unlocked by acquring their new Mirrage Artes in the gacha.

Now here's a look at everyone's individual MA and 5* previews!


Lina's new Burst 5* arte is Bram Gash and her new ending Mirrage Arte is the powerful Ragna Blade! Like Dragon Slave, she needs to complete the incantation to unleash Ragna Blade. Unlike Dragon Slave however, she gains super armor and can't be interrupted during the incantation. In fact, there's no shortened weaker version of Ragna Blade, and you can't even use it during a Mirrage Arte chain. This makes sense of course, it's currently the most powerful Mirrage Arte in the game.


Xellos' animations have been updated from his time as a boss character from the last time this event ran. You can look at the original animation for his Mirrage Arte here for comparison.


Naga uses her famous laugh in her Mirrage Arte of course, however as you can see from the sample combo she also laughs as a basic attack!



Mithos gets a new attack spell, which should be useful for people who like using him as a spellcaster!


Van's new 5* is an absolute winner, allowing him to dash forward and even through enemies!


Leon's new 5* arte should look familiar if you got Zelgadiss' artes from the Rerun banner.

That's it for this event! At 6 collab characters and 8 Tales characters with Slayers costumes this is the biggest collab Rays has gotten. It's nice to see all the love shown for both Slayers and older Tales titles!

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