.hack//G.U. crossover event with Tales of The Rays has begun! Find out how to get Haseo and Atoli here!

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This event was only announced last week, but it already feels long awaited. Tales of The Rays is collaborating with fellow Bandai Namco RPG series .hack! For those who are getting into Rays because of this event, we go into detail on how to get the characters and their artes, as well as a bonus for newcomers! We also have preview clips and screenshots of their artes and costumes.

First things first. The new characters to recruit in this event are Haseo and Atoli from .hack//G.U.  In order to recruit Haseo and Atoli for free, you have to play through and finish the event story, and you'll recruit both of them. Haseo is available as soon as you select the first quest in the event (Vol 1. Awakening) and you'll unlock his first skit by playing it as well. Atoli will only be released for free if and when players complete the Raid. Otherwise, you can recruit both of them by getting a 5* (red orb) or a Mirrage Arte (rainbow orb) in the gacha.

In addition to the new .hack//G.U. characters, 3 Tales characters have been chosen to get costumes and artes based on .hack characters as well! Rose gets to be fellow dual blade wielder Alkaid and Malik will play the role of Ovan due to sharing the same Japanese Voice Actor. Lastly, Emil will get not one, but two costumes based on Kite and Azure Kite! By the way, in addition to collab costumes and artes, Malik and Emil will also get new Reverse 5* artes. While these are released with this collaboration, they'll be readily available after the event is over.

Recruiting the characters through the quests only gives them one 3* arte to work with, so in order to gear them up you'll want to turn to the event shop, which has one exclusive arte for each of them, and gacha for the rest, especially their Mirrage Artes and Mirrage Gears. Thankfully, as is usual for collabs, there are Free Pulls and Dia Step Up which makes it much more likely to get artes for collab characters. Step Up banners increase the chances of getting 5* and Mirrage Gears each time you roll on them, with some steps even guaranteeing it! There are 7 steps in total on the step up banner, costing 665 dia to go through all the steps! Look for the buttons that cost 0 dia/MRG for the free pulls. Haseo and Atoli have their own banner too, so everything you roll will go towards making them stronger. The Tales side of the collab has a separate banner, but both of them will share Grade, making it possible to roll on one and use the grade to choose what you want from the other banner.

Everything related to .hack will only be available during the event period. Here's a handy chart on each part of the event below so you can plan out how to get them! Arte and Costume Previews are at the bottom of the article.

.hack//G.U. Glorious Unreality Start Time End Time
Event Quests and Missions September 14th, 14:00 JST September 30th, 10:59 JST
Raid and Rewards September 14th, 14:00 JST September 30th, 10:59 JST
.hack//G.U. Banners September 14th, 14:00 JST September 30th, 10:59 JST
.hack//G.U. Step Up Banners September 14th, 14:00 JST September 30th, 10:59 JST
.hack//G.U. Tickets September 14th, 14:00 JST September 30th, 10:59 JST
.hack//G.U. Panel Missions September 14th, 14:00 JST September 30th, 10:59 JST

This event follows the standard raid event format. Once you finish the event story, you'll get access to raid battles.

Here's how the raid works: players are given a selection of bosses to fight, and each boss has their own selection of quests where the boss gets continually harder. As you can see, the first boss is Emil in his Azure Kite costume. You want to clear all quests for the dia, but the real reason to fight the boss is that you earn points for each win. The higher the difficulty, the higher your base point value, and you can earn even more by using the featured event characters, clearing the fight fast and getting a damaging combo. Earn enough points and you get free rewards from a list, automatically given when you reach the required point values and placed in your home screen gift boxes.

Earned points also contribute to a global total which tallies up all points earned by everyone participating in the raid. To put it simply, the more players there are doing the raid, the faster everyone will unlock the next bosses, complete the event story and get Atoli's free recruitment and skit. In short, you want to make a team that gives the highest bonus multiplier (indicated by a percentage when making a team for the event), defeat the boss as fast as possible with as few combos as possible and on the highest difficulty you're consistently able to fight with. The event's featured characters have a higher natural bonus, but it's possible for a player to have a non-event character that gives higher bonus. If you want you could also sacrifice your bonus for a character you feel would make the boss easier, though each fight is designed for the featured event team. Even if the raid's completed globally, you can still keep fighting to raise your own personal score.

So how many points should you shoot for? I would suggest aiming for 300,000, as that's when you're done getting all exclusive weapons, materials and mirrage shards for the event. Everything after is more tickets and dia. However ideally you want to shoot for 3 million, which is the highest possible reward. That's because 3 million points gives you another free select ticket for Haseo and Atoli. With one of these you don't need to worry about getting unlucky at the gacha for one of them. There's a small chance the step ups only gave you the Mirrage Arte for one of them, after all! So how does one reach 3 million? The best way is to contribute to the raid until it's completed, which should unlock quests with the highest possible base point value. At that point, start farming that quest, and refill your AP using AP orbs from story missions and skits as well as from your dia to keep attempting the quest. We don't know what the highest base point value will be yet, but basically this does mean not to worry too much about refilling AP before the raid reaches completion.

There's also special missions on the home screen. Regular missions, shown in this screenshot, are the standard type for each event: get all copies of the event weapons (the ones exclusive to raid rewards in this case) and limit boost them to maximum (easily done if you have auto limit boost on), use take Haseo and Atoli on 15 quests each (if you use them both on a team this is done faster), use 400 AP (easily done by simply clearing quests) and level Haseo and Atoli up to a maximum of 70. Don't fret too much about reaching 70 as the resources necessary to do so are rare even for longtime players, but try to get them as high a level as you can.

There's also two new Panels, which you can access by touching the green icon on the bottom right. The first is for New Players Only. This works as a welcome to Rays and gives you a chance to get a head start. Clearing all the missions will give you a ticket to select one of Haseo or Atoli's Mirrage Artes for free, no gacha necessary. If you pulled on the step ups and are still missing one of them, this should help you get the other. Here's the requirements for each panel mission on the welcome panel:

Clear Arc 1 Chapter 1 Have Ix reach Level 30 Spend 20 AP
Do 1 Training Quest Have Mileena Reach Level 30 Collect 2 Log-in Bonuses
Upgrade Any Equipment To Level 30 Upgrade Any Mirrage Arte To Level 30 Collect 3 Log-in Bonuses

The second panel is available for everyone. The prize for clearing this one gives a Viva Ticket, which gives you a guaranteed Mirrage arte out of any of the regular gacha mirrage artes in the game (not just for featured characters). Here are the requirements for each:

Clear Vol. 3 Discovery (.hack Event Quest) Clear Resurrection (.hack Event Quest) Use Mirrage Artes 5 times
Defeat 10 Enemies Clear 5 Quests With Haseo In The Party Clear 10 Quests With Haseo In The Party
Use 200 AP Collect 3 Log-in Bonuses Collect 7 Log-in Bonuses

It should be noted that the "Resurrection Quest" is not available at the time of this writing. Presumably, it will unlock once the raid is completed. All the more reason for all players to pitch in and work together on the raid!

Here are the Artes and costumes for this event!

Art made for Emil, Rose and Malik's costumes! This was also shown in the preview video, but we see more of it here.

Group shot of all the characters this event! We can see Haseo's alternate costume here: his original costume from the first .hack//G.U. game! We also get a good look at the new Hulle Granz Cathedral stage.



Emil (Kite and Azure Kite)

A good look at both of Emil's costumes. Emil himself will have a costume based on the original Kite, while Ratatosk gets a costume based on Azure Kite! Of course, his Mirrage Arte is the ever iconic Data Drain.

Malik (Ovan)

Rose (Alkaid)

That's about it for this event. If there's anything you're unsure of or want to know more about, leave a comment, a reply on our social media accounts or join our discord and we may even update this article. Otherwise, have fun with this event and be on the look out for more news in the future!

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