Tales of The Rays - August 2020 PV now live + Arc 3's Finale has released!

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The summer's not over yet, but Fairy's Requiem is. One last hurrah for Tales of The Ray's Arc 3, and a look at the new content we're getting in August!

First things first. Bandai Namco's Youtube Channel just graced us with August's Preview. Check it out below!

First up: Another swimsuit event, this time featuring characters from Tales of Hearts R. As can be seen from the preview vid, our first newcomer this month is Ines Lorenzan! The returning characters getting new costumes and artes are Kor, Beryl and Lithia as can be seen from the silhouettes.

Next is a Summer Festival event, this time featuring Tales of Legendia. The new character for this event is going to be everyone's favorite Tales Archaeologist: Will Raynard! And his friends joining him are NormaShirley and Grune who will presumably get Yukatas fitting this time of year.

Finally, our 8th set of Spirit Gears. This time it's a very Vesperia Spirit Gear event. The chosen 3 this time are Flynn with the glory of light, Repede with howling wind and Yuri with the power of darkness. Presumably they're using Askr, Sylph and Shadow, but there's no confirmation yet. It should be noted that Askr and Shadow don't actually appear in Vesperia. They could also be using the Entelexeia, but this is all speculation on our part. We also get a preview at Yuri's Spirit Gear Mirrage Arte, which partially recreates a scene familiar to those who've played through Vesperia.

There isn't a lot of new characters this month. Usually we'd get 3-5, but it's only 2 now. This does track with previous producer's letters saying that content would have to slow down due to the situation regarding COVID-19, so it's understandable. It does make things easier for players cooling off from the large amount of content we've been getting this year, and it does mean a lot of content for returning characters!

That's it for previews, now for the other big news this month. The final chapter of Arc 3 is now live! It was supposed to come in July, but it got delayed, so here it is for August. The new character to recruit this time is Mercuria! She's not new to the game, however she was available only through the gacha in June. The producers stated that it was an early bonus, but she was always intended to join in the finale. Playing through the chapter will also unlock a special character for use only in the room feature too: Karia! The small one, that is. The chapter itself wraps up Arc 3 and sets up Arc 4, which will begin this autumn, so be sure to play through it.

There's also a new set of missions for Rays specific 6th enhancement orbs and Mercuria's Nexus Shards which will end on the 31st. Since it may be confusing how to complete them for those who don't know japanese, everything will be listed below. All chapter missions follow this format, so one need only repeat this in the future.

Complete the last quest of the latest chapter (Arc 3 Finale Part 2 in this case) on HARD mode.
Complete 15 quests with the latest story character (Mercuria in this case). It can be any quest, so arc 1 and 2's missions are a good fit due to being 0 AP.
Level the latest character (Mercuria in this case) to Level 60. This requires a Nexus shard, which you should have if you've completed the above missions.

Do the above and you should be good to go. Lastly, there are two Overray banners going on right now: one a paid step up only and one regular, though it doesn't have all the characters who currently have Overrays. Still, it might be good for those looking for Overrays.

That's it for now. Keep an eye out for more news soon as these events roll in. And who knows? Maybe there'll be a second preview this month showing it's not only 2 new ones.

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