Tales of Asteria JP: Kimono & Oyabun Banner

Duration: 09/10/18 - 4:00PM ~ 09/17/18 - 3:59PM JST

Kimono and Oyabun (or Yakuza "boss") banner is now live! Milla, Kratos, and Eizen serve as the 6 star units for this banner. While Step Up is in effect, it is only at a 20% chance of getting one of the above characters for reaching Step 5. Additionally, the 10-roll Step resets back to Step 1 should you receive any of these characters along the way.

As always, the corresponding partner cards to awaken the new characters in the banner will appear more frequently. Be sure to snipe them beforehand if you plan on rolling this banner for an easier awakening process once (or if) you acquire your desired character.


The 4 star exclusive for this banner is Ange. Good luck to those rolling!

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