Tales of Asteria JP: Seasoning Work! Lilith's Cooking Art


08/31/18 - 4:00PM ~ 09/10/18 - 3:59PM JST (Quests)

08/31/18 - 4:00PM ~ 09/17/18 - 11:59PM JST (Shop Exchange)

Collecting food plate sets will reward you an awakenable 6 star Lilith! As per the usual event quests, you will need to collect as much as 40,000 food sets in order to fully awaken Lilith. In addition to getting the materials via collecting the food set, you will also need to exchange them at the event shop for the remaining materials as well as 4 star Pascal.

The stones and books are available at the shop, but make sure to put the Lilith materials and Pascal as priority since they are only obtainable in this event. Happy hunting!


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