AC Radio 06: Funimation Abyss Release Date, SAO + Rays Collab & Tales of the Stage: Emotional Act (09/02/18)

News heavy episode focusing on the Abyss Funimation announcement, the Sword Art Online + Tales of the Rays collab, and Tales of the Stage: ~Emotional Act~!

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Runtime: 39:10

  • PanbanRichard (AC Admin; News and Content Writer; Back-end Support)
  • DimensionSlip (AC News and Content Writer)
  • A news heavy episode as we discuss the Funimation release announcement of Tales of the Abyss, the Sword Art Online & Tales of the Rays collaboration event (plus collabs that we'd like to see), and Slip talks about her experience at Tales of the Stage: ~Emotional Act~ that happened at the end of August.