Tales of Asteria JP: Granblue Fantasy Collaboration Banner (2018)

Duration: 11/30/18 - 10:00PM ~ 12/20/18 - 2:59PM JST

Characters are obtained through the gacha system in this 3rd collaboration event, as opposed to just completing quests. Featured in the banner are: Asbel dressed up as Jin, Estelle dressed up as Lecia, Judith dressed up as Zeta, and Keele dressed up as Chat Noire. However, due to them being obtained through gacha, they are able to awaken to 6 stars units. Additionally, Step Up is in effect when doing a x10 draw, though the first step starts at 50 orbs. The duration of this banner is much longer than the usual events, so start saving up those orbs! Good luck to all those rolling!

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