Tales of Crestoria characters live on in Tales of The Rays!

Kanata and Misella live, even if its a sin

That's right, the protagonists of Tales of Crestoria will permanently join Tales of The Rays as playable characters. The first two are already here in a special event!
The first character from Tales of Crestoria to join is the protagonist of Crestoria himself: Kanata Hjuger! But he's not alone, as the heroine Misella will be joining him. It's only those two for now, but it's a safe bet the rest of the cast will be joining him at a later date. This also means they'll have full sets of artes for use in classic Tales LMBS!

Something that may be a little more surprising for Rays players is that the event is actually also a Summer themed event. Seasonal  event themes have been rare lately, so this is welcome. The returning featured characters in this event are, fittingly enough, Rays original characters! Nazar and Mercuria join in with a seasonal Crossover Mirrage Arte, which is a first for Rays. Marcus and Baldr also get new 5* Master Artes, filling out the banner with both Rays and Crestoria characters. The Arte and Costume previews will be at the bottom of this article.

Of course, you don't need to interact with the gacha just to recruit Kanata and Misella. Just navigate to the event tab to find the quests for the Crestoria summer event. Simply playing through the event will give you Kanata, Misella, their personal skits and also their free Mirrage Artes.

Of course, you'll have to do a little more to gear them up with a full moveset. And with that, here's a timeline to refer back to as you play this event.

Tales of The Rays x Crestoria Summer Event Start Time End Time
Crestoria Event Quests July 11 2022, 11:00 JST July 21 2022, 10:59 JST
Crestoria Event Shop July 11 2022, 11:00 JST July 28 2022, 10:59 JST
Crestoria Gacha Banner July 11 2022, 11:00 JST July 21 2022, 10:59 JST
Crestoria Ticket Banner July 11 2022, 11:00 JST August 4 2022, 10:59 JST
Daily Carnival July 11 2022, 11:00 JST July 30 2022, 23:59 JST
Hermana & Forest Event Rerun  July 15 2022, 9:00 JST July 30 2022, 23:59 JST
Tales of Triverse Unison Attack Online Co-Op period July 16 2022, 00:00 JST July 8 2022, 23:59 JST

The Crestoria event uses Rays' standard Event Shop format. What this means is after clearing the quest, you can use dedicated farming quests at the bottom of the list (costing 40 AP and 80 AP) to farm for currency, which you'll then use in the event shop. The hardest, yet most rewarding quest is at the very bottom of the quest list. There's two types of currency: a "low tier" currency and a "high tier" currency, and you'll get more of one or the other depending on what characters you use farming the quest, as well as what artes they have equipped. You'll  Here's a chart of what the currency looks like, as well as what items to you'll want from the Event Shop.

Crestoria Event Shop Items How To Acquire
Low tier currency. A refreshing drink. Acquired from Farming quest. You can get more depending on your team's currency bonus.
High tier currency. It's a Meakyu ball! Acquired from Farming quest. You can get more depending on your team's currency bonus.
Kanata's Event Arte. Available for 4000 Meakyu Balls in the Event Shop. More copies cost 20000 each. You'll want to buy all available copies for maximum weapon level, as well as to get diamonds for doing so.
Misella's Event Arte. Available for 4000 Meakyu Balls in the Event Shop. More copies cost 20000 each. You'll want to buy all available copies for maximum weapon level, as well as to get diamonds for doing so.
Kanata and Misella's Mirrage Shards Available for 4000, 40000 and 80000 Meakyu Balls. Mirrage Shards increase the maximum character level, and are rarer to come by for specific characters once their event ends.
Crestoria Enhancement crystals. Available for 25000 then 75000 Meakyu Balls each. These let you get the 6th enhancements for each arte for a Crestoria character, as well as unlock Burst Limit for them. They can be used on any Crestoria character added in the future and are harder to get outside of Crestoria focused events, so if you can buy these then do so!
Gacha tickets. Available for 3000 parfaits, 10000 parfaits, 1000 Meakyu Balls and 10000 Meakyu balls each. These let you roll on the Crestoria gacha without spending diamonds!

Note that these are simply recommended to get the most out of Kanata and Misella, don't worry too much if you miss one or two. There's also plenty of other goodies in the shop, such as every swimsuit costume ever released in the game.

Outside of the Crestoria event there's a new daily carnival that lasts until the end of the month. You can only play it once a day, and it's recommended to play it as many times as you can to get a lot of rewards, including diamonds! Simply hit the floating button with the two Poliwigles on the quest screen to go to the daily carnival.

Finally, the arte and costume previews. First up, a look at Nazar and Mercuria's crossover Mirrage Arte. Most importantly though, is a look at Kanata and Misella's Swimsuit costumes alongside them in the fourth picture!

And here are the new Mirrage and 5* artes!


Interestingly enough, Kanata uses a fighting style very similar to the three Kanonnos and Kana from Tales of Link. This may be intentional, as he's also the protagonist of a crossover title who's name starts with the "Kan" sound!


Misella uses a spellcasting style not too dissimilar to Alan from Tales of Link. Naturally she has an affinity for fire, as well as spells that work on a line or with AoE.

Nazar and Mercuria

Nazar and Mercuria have the very first seasonal crossover Mirrage Arte in Tales of The Rays and it doesn't disappoint. It seems to combine Indignation with Soaring Demon Fang, referencing their individual Overray Mirrage Artes.


Marcus gets a new, stronger form of Beast that's more useful in combos!


Baldr gets a new earth arte allowing for more powerful combo finishers

That's it for now. The announcement of Tales of Crestoria's closure shocked many players worldwide. But just like with Tales of Link, it's nice to know the characters can live on in a playable form in Tales of The Rays.

This article had a few  delays due to technical issues, but I would like to give a thank you to the Tales of The Rays wiki admins ArkDelgato and Cillian for working tirelessly to keep the wiki up to date and sharing resources with me to help get this information to AC readers. Be sure to check out the Tales of The Rays wiki here and as always keep an eye out soon for more news here as well!

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