Tales of the Rays JP: Fairy's Requiem Chapter 4 To Be Out On April 25th

Klarth isn't our only spirit user!

This chapter focuses on Milla and the spirits.
Tales of the Rays Fairy's Requiem fourth chapter, named The Lord of Spirits and The Remnants of Maxwell, will be released tomorrow, April 25th.
The chapter's main character will be Milla from Tales of Xillia and seems to revolve around the spirits. With this chapter, Milla will receive an Overray Mirrage Arte and her Tales of Xillia 2's costume & cut-in.

Are you excited for the next chapter?
Source: Tales of the Rays Official Twitter Page

Tales of Xillia
Tales of XilliaTales of Xillia is the thirteenth mothership title of the series released for the PlayStation 3 and is considered as the Tales of Series 15th anniversary title. The game features two “main” protagonists, Jude and Milla, whose routes, though with few differences, you choose prior to starting the game. Xillia also features character designs by Mutsumi Inomata and Kosuke Fujishima, as well as animated scenes by ufotable.

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