Tales of The Rays' 5th Anniversary Celebration event is underway!

It's March, and Tales of The Rays is currently celebrating it's 5th anniversary with a bevy of events and news. Check them out here!
The official Tales Of Youtube Channel has released multiple videos regarding the 5th anniversary, which you can find going to the channel. Rather than letting you take it all in at once, we'll cover the news in a proper order. This news post will be dedicated to the currently ongoing celebrations in Tales of The Rays, with a separate news post covering the future of Rays as shown in the stream on the way!

First is the Preview for this month's events, including the currently ongoing 5th anniversary event. You can watch it here!

Starting off is the first new character to be added this month: Phillip Reston! Phil is a Rays original character who has been a major player in the story for a long time. In fact, he's been both antagonist and protagonist since Arc 1! While we already have seen him fight in a boss battle, this is the first time he'll be playable. Phil is a childhood friend of Ix and Mileena and, despite his looks, is a skilled and trustworthy ally. For those who've been following Rays, his inclusion in the game is a welcome one!

The returning characters in this anniversary event are, of course, IxMileena and Marcus. This group has been through a lot, but they're still friends after all! They'll be getting new seasonal Mirrage Artes themed after the anniversary alongside all new 5* artes!

Next is the next The Rays of Festival event! We're first shown the winners of the previous Rays Festival who'll be getting new crossover Mirrage Artes: Alphen & CressShionne Lailah and Karia and Rinwell. As for the new pairs that we'll have to vote on, the theme this time is "Those who chose differing paths". The pairs are Reid Ras from Eternia, DymlosBarbatos from Destiny, Senel and Walter from Legendia, Tear Legretta from Abyss, EmilRichter from Symphonia: Dawn of The New World and finally Kanonno Grassvalley Lazaris from Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3! The pairings should make it quite obvious that protagonists and antagonists from across the series would be teaming up if they win. Be sure to vote when the time comes!

Finally we have perhaps the most exciting bit of news to come this month. A new battle mechanic! This mechanic is known as Burst Limit and is similar to Overlimit from the console games. Once activated, artes no longer cost CC and can be used repeatedly without an enemy blocking your combo for Burst Limit's Duration. You'll even teleport to your next target after defeating the previous one, allowing you to continue your chain of attacks without having to move between targets! This mechanic is currently available, so be sure to try it!

The last bit of news in the preview (but nowhere near the last bit of news in general) is a new Form Change character incoming! This time we'll be getting Yggdrasill as a form change for Mithos. Mithos has been available as a playable character for quite some time now, but he used a fighting style made for Rays based on what we know about his backstory in Symphonia proper. It's likely that Yggdrasil will fight more like he did in Symphonia itself, but we'll have to see when he's released, which will be much later this month!

That's it for the preview, now let's cover what's actually going on in the game right now. Here's a list of the ongoing events and banners as well as times to keep in mind.

Tales of The Rays 5th Anniversary Events Start Time End Time
Philip Recruitment Event/Farming Quests February 28th, 15:00 JST March 11, 10:59 JST
Daily Gold Bag Collection Quests February 28th, 15:00 JST March 11, 10:59 JST
Daily Gald Collection Quest February 28th, 15:00 JST March 6, 10:59 JST
Tales of Series Challenge Quests February 28th, 15:00 JST March 5, 10:59 JST
Event Shop February 28th, 15:00 JST March 18, 10:59 JST
Tales of The Rays 5th Anniversary Gacha Banner February 28th, 15:00 JST March 30, 21:59 JST
5th Anniversary Ticket Gacha February 28th, 15:00 JST April 7, 10:59 JST
5th Anniversary Panel Missions February 28th, 15:00 JST March 31, 00:59 JST

It should be noted that there is a Free Multi available in the gacha! You should see a notification of such on the bottom right of the main menu like so:

After going to the gacha tab, look for this banner. You'll notice the Dia cost for multis is 0. That's only on the first multi of the banner, but be sure to take advantage of it! Even 3* and 4* artes are useful to have. Also, all new banners this month will have a free multi just like this one, so keep an eye out on those!

Each player has also received a set of Select Tickets allowing you to choose the specific arte you want, including 5 Gacha Mirrage Artes!

There's also a new set of Panel Missions. Look for the leftmost icon on the bottom right of the homescreen, helpfully highlighted in the red square here:

You'll be taken to this screen with a 3 by 3 grid of missions. Complete them all for a Guaranteed Mirrage Arte Ticket! In fact, new players even get two select tickets as well!

Here's a translation of all the missions requirements:

Clear Quests 5 times Clear Quests 10 Times Clear Quests 20 times
Spend 200 AP Spend 400 AP Spend 800 AP
Collect Log-in bonuses on 3 days Collect Log-in bonuses on 5 days Collect Log-in bonuses on 10 days

Now let's get into the event quests. The top most event quest is the one you'll spend most of your AP on. This goes through the story for the anniversary event, and playing through it lets you unlock Philip, his event 4* artes and a Free Mirrage Arte. It'll look like this.

After completing the quests, you'll want to repeat the 40 or 80 AP quests (depending on how strong your team is) to obtain currency for the event shop and bags for the bag gacha. The 80 AP quest gives more rewards, but only if you're able to clear it consistently.

Be sure to use a team of Rays original characters to maximize your currency bonus! Your bonus will be even higher if you equip any of the newly released artes, obtainable through the gacha.

And be sure to actually peruse the event shop! You can access it through the green button to the left of the quest list, or after completing a quest.

This is how you'll acquire Tickets for this event's ticket gacha, as well as a lot of important materials for strengthening characters such as Mirrage Shards to Phil's levels, 6the enhancement orbs, gifts and even EXP increasing Spirrogems which has an unlimited stock for this event! Completely new is a third tier of Mirrage Shard to uncap characters to level 80. A few tickets that can be exchanged for any character's third mirrage shard is available in this shop as well! This shop also has a new costume for Karia so be sure to check that out if you want it!

There's also the bag gacha for this event, available through the orange button on the top left when looking at the event quest list.

Every bag obtained in a quest gives you one pull from a set of items, and enough bags will let you obtain the entire set! For these regular orange bags, you'll get materials necessary to unlock Burst Limit for any character you want, so be sure to pull on this. You'll also receive tickets for this event's gacha!

Next is the daily gold bag collection event. This is repeatable three times a day to collect gold bags for a special gold bag gacha, which gives lots of rewards for strengthening your characters and getting ahead!

The bag gacha for these golden bags notably gives you dia! You'll also get tickets that can be exchanged for 6th enhancement orbs.

After that comes the daily Gald quest. This can be done once a day for a large amount of Gald. Strike it rich!

Finally, the Tales of Series challenge quests. These special quests are each based on a different Tales title, and you're only able to use characters from the corresponding game for each quest. The current line up features quests focusing on characters from Phantasia (+Narikiri Dungeon X), DestinyEternia and Destiny 2.

You can get Great Victory Tickets for completing these challenge quests- gacha tickets that are split between different titles in the series. Since there's no helpful green button to exchange them, here's how to access that specific exchange shop, as well as any other! First navigate to the shop tab on the bottom.

Then tap the right most white button, and you'll be taken to this screen, where you want to tap the top left button.

Here you'll find all currently available shops, including for other event quests! The one for Great Victory Tickets is the 3rd one showing little Karia with the 5th anniversary logo.

That's about it as far as "how-to" goes, but not it for goodies. There's still a lot to take advantage of! The most obvious is that there is currently a campaign that gives story quests half their AP cost, but only until Arc 4 Chapter 10 (which introduced Van Grants!) There's also a sale on cosmetics in the Turtlez shop until June 30th, which is great for those specifically looking for alternate costumes. Finally, logging in for 30 consecutive days while this anniversary event is running will net not one, but two tickets that give 10 guaranteed mirrage artes each.

If you've been playing Tales of The Rays for a while you'll relish the opportunity to strengthen even more characters. If you're new, you'll definitely want to take advantage of this opportunity! In fact, this is a perfect opportunity to start the game if you haven't already. Tales of The Rays is a celebration of Tales with every party member in the series already playable, and plans for the game extend much further than just this year.

That's about it for now, but another news post is coming soon- covering the Link Event and all future news covered in the anniversary stream. Stay tuned, and if you have any questions or discussion, reach out to us on our social media platforms or join our discord! And if you'd like more help on Tales of The Rays specifically, you can check out our friends at the Tales of The Rays Wiki! Besides that you can keep an eye out and check back soon for more info, like usual.

Tales of the Rays
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