Tales of The Rays' June 2022 PV and Producer's Letter is here!

Rays Steals The Show!

We may be halfway into the month, but there's plenty of news on upcoming Tales of The Rays events nonetheless!

The official Tales Of YouTube Channel released this month's preview in a tardy but not unwelcome fashion. June's edition (Volume 62 to be exact) of the Producer's Letter also released shortly after, so check out the video here and further details from the producer's letter this month below! Note: There are major spoilers for Tales of Symphonia in the video so proceed with caution while watching. This article will remain spoiler free, so feel free to read on ahead!

Starting with news from the PV: A brand new character! The newcomer this time is Oscar Dragonia from Tales of Berseria. He'll be the only new character this month, so the event he'll release alongside will have three returning characters. The first two are of course fellow Berseria characters Teresa Linares and Laphicet. The last character in the event is fan favorite Rays Original Phillip Reston.

This event will be the first seasonal event since this year's Valentine's event, which was itself where Teresa made her debut. The theme this time, however, is "Thieves Vs. Detectives", a theme that hasn't been used in Rays before and is quite original. Teresa, Laphicet and Oscar will take on the role of flashy Phantom Thieves while Phil dons a deerstalker cap for a Sherlock Holmes inspired Detective outfit. You can get a better look at how they'll look in-game with the preview tweets immediately below:

Phillip Reston

Teresa Linares


Oscar Dragonia


Next we have a new Tales of Symphonia focused event. The video goes through almost the entire ending for the game, which only serves to give context for the choice of Mirrage Artes. To keep it short, Lloyd Irving will be getting a new Ending Mirrage Arte! Kratos gets some new content after a while too with an Overray Mirrage Arte depicting his conversation with Lloyd in Flanoir (if you've played Symphonia and don't remember such a scene, that may be because the character Lloyd has a conversation with in Flanoir depends on player choices in that playthrough.) Lastly, the Sage siblings Genis and Raine are finally getting their promised Crossover Mirrage Arte. As a reminder, possible Crossover Mirrage Arte choices that lose their respective Rays of Festival events will still be introduced later at a slower pace. Raine and Genis were one of the losing pairs, and their turn is later this month.

Here's a schedule of all the events this month:

First will be Oscar's introduction event on June 20. It will run alongside an online co-op event that focuses on Berseria characters, which will happen the weekend of June 24 with more information on what it will entail available later. Lloyd's Ending Mirrage Arte will be released next alongside Kratos' Overray and the Sage siblings Crossover' Mirrage arte. During the Symphonia event, a new batch of towers will run on July 1st with another co-op event focusing on Symphonia characters will be in session the weekend of July 8th.

Moving onto information only available in the Producer's Letter, there's quite a few version updates coming this year! The first will be this month, which will adjust how the Critical Rage mechanic works. Before it caused all attacks to ignore enemy resistances. After this update, enemy resistances will still matter, encouraging more varied character choices. To compensate for being made weaker, Mirrage Artes will no longer end Critical Rage.

In July, all characters who received Form Changes will be able to use Form Change Mirrage Artes even in base form, making them more appealing to roll for, and also bringing them in line with recently released Form Change Mirrage Artes that are already available to base characters.

Other planned changes to the app include measures taken against AFK players in online co-op and adjustment of how the Friend Point and Friend List systems work by the end of September. There's also a couple of planned changes with no date set in stone yet: an update to Spirit Gears and a new, to-be-announced new feature. As always we'll just have to stay tuned for more information.

Lastly, the Producer mentions being unable to answer every question sent in during Q&A and wishes to answer them in a timely manner. Afterwards he gets into how the team is aware players feel the recent releases in-game feel too biased to certain properties and characters and are working to ensure representation is more equal in the future, with a candid list on games that will get anniversary events in Rays soon: Arise (First anniversary), Xillia 2 (10th anniversary), Innocence (15th anniversary), Destiny (25th anniversary) and Destiny 2 (20th anniversary). He also wants to make sure Tales of Rebirth's Fusionic Force Finalities get represented somewhere along the way since Tales of The Ray's Crossover Mirrage Artes are essentially the same concept.

And that's it for news on upcoming events! Even though there will be only 10 days left in the month by the time Oscar Debuts, there's still a lot planned this month and for the beginning of July, so make sure to stay up to date on Rays news here!

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