Tales of The Rays December 2019 Preview

A Very Triverse Christmas

Happy December! A new month on that time of year, so Rays is getting a new preview!

Bandai Namco's Youtube Channel has finally updated with a new preview for December 2019!

Just like we gleamed from the twitter tease from last week, the first new character we're getting is Tilkis Barone from Tales of The Tempest! And of course, coming with him is Arria Ekberg from the same game.

And obviously, since it's december, we're getting a new christmas event (seemingly alongside the above 2?) which will feature new costumes and mirrages for Celsius and Claus! (There's definitely a Santa Claus joke in there.)

Finally, we're getting a new Boss Raid with decisive mirrages. That's two this month! This time the decisive mirrages go to the Triverse protagonists: RucaCaius and Shing! And the boss they'll be teaming up to fight against? None other than Creed Graphite from Tales of Hearts! No doubt we'll be hearing a little more about the nature of the Triverse like previous events focused on characters from those games.

That's it for December's preview. If that seemed like it was too little info, don't worry- the end of the video confirms that there'll be new info on upcoming events in a collaboration live stream on the 14th, alongside info on Asteria and Crestoria. See you there soon!

Tales of the Rays
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