Tales of The Rays - The Rays of Festival has begun!

xMAs before Xmas

Tales of The Rays has just updated to version 4.1.0, and with it we get a new Rays Fest! Just like last time, we're voting on which new pairs of characters get Crossover Mirrage Artes. It works a little differently this time, so check out how to participate here!
Before we get into the nitty gritty about how Rays Fest works this time, let's talk about the new Mirrage Artes released. They are Malik and Loni with Tremorous Celestial Sundering Shredding Light Of Cyclonic ButcheryEstelle and Philia with Sacred Penance and finally Leia and Alisha with Soulstoke Celebration. Those are familiar Mystic Artes, but they're done a little differently this time since it's each pair performing them together! There's also new 5* artes for those who didn't have 3 already, which are shown in the tweet previews.

Here's a chart of times for this event:

The Rays of Festival Start Time End Time
Round 1 Voting December 10, 16:00 JST December 14, 23:59 JST (Resets Daily!)
The Road To Festival December 10, 16:00 JST December 21, 10:59 JST
Original xMA Banner December 10, 16:00 JST December 19, 23:59 JST (1 Free Multi Each Day!)
xMA Step Up Banners December 10, 16:00 JST December 20, 10:59
New xMA Banner December 10, 16:00 JST December 27, 10:59 JST

Be sure to check the gacha every day, because there will be a free multi each day! The voting event also resets daily. Here's how it works.

Unlike the first Rays Fest, there's two sets of quests, The Road To Festival, and the actual voting quests. The Road To Festival is the main thing you'll be spending your AP on, which gets you event currency. It follows the standard farming event quests, which is simple enough. Just bring your characters with the highest bonus and repeat the quests.

The voting period is different. This time you'll have infinite tries, but only your highest scoring attempt per day count. It's also no longer a combo contest. Before you get to do the quest though, you first have to touch the large banner.

After that you can select your 3 preferred pairs. Your first choice receives 100% of the points you earn. The second choice will receive 50%. The third choice receives 30%.

Finally, you can touch the green button on the bottom right to start the quest. but then you'll be greeted with this screen:

This is where the differences come in. This time, instead of a combo contest, you have to get points by selecting one of the buffs or debuffs on the left. The blue ones strengthen your team, but lower your base point value. The red ones makes the quest harder, but increases your base point value, which starts at 1000 by default. Naturally, all debuffs and no buffs is the best way to go, but if it's too hard for you, then don't be afraid to cut back. Less points is better than no points! Even if you don't care about voting, you still get dia and a ticket, so complete these each day.

The actual buffs and debuffs differ per day, but here are examples of buffs and debuffs that were based on the first day:
Healing Spells Cast Faster
CC Recovery Is Slower
Arte Enhancements are disabled
MG Gain Lowered
Maximum Party Size of 3

As you can see, this event is really appealing to the challenge player. You can use whoever you want, so now's your chance to use your best characters you've been building up! You'll also get a bonus if you rolled one of the new xMAs. Getting points not only goes towards the pairs you're voting for, it'll also get you rewards similar to a raid! But only your highest scoring attempt each day counts, so it's not exactly like a raid. Regardless, be sure to do a run each day, and if you do well enough you may even be able to get the select ticket offered in the rewards list!

That's about it. Score as high as possible, spend your AP on The Road To Festival, and enjoy those free pulls! However there will be a Round 2 of this event! We'll keep you updated when round 2 comes, but unlike before, round 2 will instead help the losing pairs get a chance to have their xMA dreams come true as well. Now for the new arte Previews.

Malik & Loni: Tremorous Celestial Sundering Shredding Light of Cyclonic Butchery

Estelle & Philia: Sacred Penance

Leia & Alisha: Soulstoke Celebration

That's it for now, however like we said above, this event will have a Round 2. Instead of making a new article, we'll update this article to cover it. We don't know how it'll work yet! So keep watching this for more info, and have fun with your free rolls!

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