Tales of Gets Its Dedicated YouTube Channel with Anime Adaptation Episodes

Watch the Tales anime episodes

Starting today, the Tales of Series will be having its own dedicated YouTube channel for both Japanese and English fans.

Previously, media on the Tales of Series would mostly be uploaded on the Bandai Namco Japanese YouTube channel, 876TV. Beginning today, the Tales of Series now has its own dedicated channel promptly called "Tales of YouTube Channel". As of the time of writing, the channel mainly has some playlists of the old videos that were previously uploaded in the 876TV channel.

Surprisingly, the channel is also hosting the episodes of the Tales of Series anime adaptations. Episodes will be released on a weekly basis, with the first episodes of Tales of Eternia the Animation, Tales of Phantasia the Animation, Tales of Symphonia the Animation, Tales of the Abyss Anime, and Tales of Zestiria the X. Tales of Zestiria the X specifically has subtitles in English and other languages. Unfortunately, the Phantasia and Symphonia episodes are apparently not available outside of Japan.

Important to note is that the upcoming Tales of Series 25th Anniversary live stream will be hosted in this channel. The stream will be on December 15th, 8PM JST. You can read on it here.

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