Tales of The Rays - Villainess Summer Event "Seaside Mirage" rolls in! + Version 3.12.0 details

Even evil has vacations

Yes, you read that right. This summer event is villains only!

Shortly after releasing Tales of The Rays Version 3.12.0, the main summer event has finally begun! The last characters from the preview will be joining in this event: Symonne from Tales of Zestiria and Agria The Shadowless of Tales of Xillia's Chimeriad! The returning featured characters are fellow female antagonists Shizel and Elrane. This is the first event to focus entirely on antagonist characters, which is an interesting choice! Naturally everyone will be getting swimsuit costumes in this event.

The event times are below! It follows the standard event format - complete all the quests, then farm the highest AP quest you can to buy out the event shop. By the way, the Bridal Stories event is also rerunning alongside, so it's a good chance to catch Annie, Kohaku and Eleanor if you missed them.

Tales of The Rays Event: Seaside Mirage Start Time End Time
Event Period July 31st, 13:00 JST August 11th, 10:59 JST
Gacha Banner July 31st, 13:00 JST August 31st, 10:59 JST
Rerun: Bridal Stories July 29th, 14:00 JST August 7th 10:59 JST
Rerun Banner July 29th, 14:00 JST August 7th 10:59 JST

With all that done, here's the costume and mirrage arte previews, alongside what looks like a hint that this isn't the only summer event. Costume previews at the bottom since there's no individual previews per character this time.By the way, the release of Version 3.12.0 brings with it the promised Automatic Limit Boost/Selling feature. It's the very bottom setting in the first page of the options menu, with an ON/OFF checkbox.

To incentivize turning it on, all rewards for selling a weapon gotten through the gacha will be given a +20% bonus. For example, if you have a maximum limit boosted Mirrage Arte and roll another one, you'll get 12 Hi-Prisms instead of the usual 10, so taking advantage of this is strongly recommended!




Her Mirrage Arte is "Sea Grand Fall" and features her smashing two spheres of water together. Tales of Eternia fans know this is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Grand Fall from that game.


First is a group shot of all the girls who got summer costumes in the game so far, with Symonne and Agria front and center proving they need more sun than anyone. The tweet hints there's more to the image though, and indeed there appear to be silhouettes on the top left and right of the image. Perhaps a preview at the next event which may also be summer themed? And under that is of course a better look at Shizel and Elrane.

That's it for this event. Keep an eye out for more upcoming news, and remember that Tales of The Rays festival will be starting soon!

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