Tales of The Rays x Star Ocean Anamnesis Collaboration Now Live!

Tales reunites with Tri-Ace!

During Star Ocean Festival 2019's stream, it was announced that Tales of The Rays and Star Ocean Anamnesis will have a collaboration event. Check out the preview here!

Tales veterans and people who are just interested in the series history may know the story of Wolf Team, Tales of Phantasia, Tri-Ace, and Star Ocean. Long story short, creative differences over the development of Phantasia led many of developer Wolf Team's members to leave Namco and found Tri-Ace, where they would then develop Star Ocean, which became it's own long running series parallel to Tales. That makes this doubly exciting!

Update (05.27.2019): The collaboration's official poster looks stunning:

On the Tales of The Rays side of things, two guest characters from Star Ocean have been announced:

Claude C. Kenny from Star Ocean: The Second Story
Rena Lanford also from Star Ocean: The Second Story

In addition to the above two crossover characters, certain Tales characters will also be featured in the event with crossover costumes and artes!

Laphicet comes dressed as Ashton Anchors from Star Ocean: The Second Story
Sophie dons an outfit based on Meracle Chamlotte from Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Rondoline E. Effenberg will get a costume based on Nel Zelpher from Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time

Check out the previews for their new mirrage artes here!






In addition to the above, on the Star Ocean Anamnesis side of things we get to see Cress Albane, Mint Adenade, Arche Klein and Chester Barklight! 

You can check out their art and description in that game below.





Commemorative artwork featuring characters from Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean: First Departure.

As always, we will be posting a more in-depth overview of the event later on down the line, so be sure to check back later!

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