Two New Tales of VS. System Videos - Item Use and Yggdrasill Battle Mode

The Tales of VS. Official Site has been updated with two new system videos today. The first is under the main battle system: the use of items in battle; the second is how exactly the Yggdrasill Battle mode works.

sysvid10 sysvid11

Translations of the added pages below:

~~~ Battle System - How to Use Items
You can pick up items from item boxes found around the stage. Once you have it, the icon of the item will appear at the side of your screen. Once you have an item available, pressing the ? (triangle) button will trigger the use of the item. You can use items whenever you want, or when you find yourself at a safe area in the stage.

~~~ Yggdrasill Battle (aka the main story mode, 1 player)

Basic Flow of the System
Event indicators will be visible on the world map. Hovering over the areas with events and pressing the O (circle) button will initiate the event. A battle will usually occur during the event, and finishing the battle will let you continue on with the story.

Use GP and Gald to Strengthen Your Character!
Winning battles will earn you some GP (Grade Points) and Gald. As you advance through the stories and battles, characters that come to face you will surely become stronger. That being the case, careful customization of your characters is essential. A shop can be activated from the main menu (refer to older posts on how GP and Gald can be used), so don't forget to access it and strengthen your characters.

Translations of the information revealed by Dengeki/Famitsu/4Gamer recently will be done by this weekend (previous post). I have my hands full with school these days, I barely have time to translate information that long. I hope you all understand.

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