15th Tales of Anniversary Title's Teaser Countdown Site Now Online

Namco Bandai has put up a teaser site for the upcoming "15th Tales Anniversary Title" with a countdown for the actual day of the 15th anniversary.

It currently counts to 135 days left till reveal, so that would be around the 15th of this December. Aside from the previously revealed concept art, more artworks are also available on the teaser site. They are quite small though.

In the Tales 2010 Lineup Presentation at Tokyo, Producer Hideo Baba states that this is definitely not the rumored "Tales of Unitia for the PS3". The name of the game is currently under deliberation, he says. They say that they do not have a character designer nor an artist for the theme song yet. Only thing confirmed so far is that Daigo Okumura will be in charge of art design.

15_1 15_2 15_3 15_4
More hereBigger ones from Famitsu.

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