Tales of Graces Update from Famitsu.com - Pascal and Malik Screenshots

Famitsu.com has updated today with old Tales of Graces info regarding Pascal and Malik.

pascal discobel malik

Basically, it's about what was already discussed in the two previous posts. We just have clearer images of the same things from the scans. We'll be waiting for 4gamer's update that has screenshots with no watermarks, like we usually do, before uploading the screens to the gallery. In the meantime, you can find the screens in Famitsu's article.

And to those who missed the earlier Twitter update, this screenshot of Asbel and Sophie actually mentions the Eres... or rather, the "Arles" Pot system in the English alphabet. We will be sticking with the official spelling from here on out. Thanks again to fireguardiancoty for pointing this out earlier.

....Discobel o>

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