Five New Tales of VS. Character Videos + Almost Fully Updated

Sorry if this is late. My internet connection is crudtastic due to the non-stop rain over here. Anyway, the Tales of VS. official site has been updated with five more character videos, namely those of Harold Belserius, Chester BarklightPresea CombatirKyle Dunamis and Eugene Gallardo. All of them are performing their hi-ougis in their respective videos.

harold chester presea kyle eugene
The hi-ougis used are:

» Harold: Crazy Comet/?????????/ + Extensions (Twinkle Star/??????????, Mix Master/????????? and Princess of Mermaid/??????????????
» Chester: ?? (Shin'i or Kamui. Depends on how it's interpreted). This skill was never in Chester's list of available skills in Phantasia (or Radiant Mythology 1 and 2, for that matter). Trivia: ?? (Shin'i) is the name of one of Sheena's (Tales of Symphonia) weapons, which was translated as "Divine Judgment" in localizations of Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.
» Presea: ????? (Hien Messhoujin, Crimson Devastation)
» Kyle: ????? (Zankuu Tenshouken)
» Eugene: ????? (Shouha Rekkousen). This was originally a Finality hi-ougi with Annie Barrs in Tales of Rebirth.

All of their official art from the site have been added to the gallery.

talesrpgIf you guys will recall, the website was opened in celebration of the Tales of Series' 10th anniversary in the US and the release of Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Just today, the site has now been fully updated... well, almost, with information on all the US released Tales games (complete with character bios, though I notice some characters are missing), the series' history, small sections about the heroes, the villains and even this section of "unreleased treasures" that talks about the Tales of games that did not get localized. In their Media and Downloads section, you'll findscreenshotstrailers (even those from looooong ago), wallpapersicons and banners (again, even those from long ago). Though there are a few mistakes here and there (so Anise is male now? ), the site is still looking very beautiful indeed.

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