New ToH Characters + ToV Doing Well in Japan

New V-Jump Scans reveal two new characters.

Actually, we've seen them both in the first trailer. The guy is Hisui Hearts, Kohak's older brother. The girl is Ines Lorenz. You'll also get a glimpse of Shing in his animated version (wai am i the only one in the tales forums loving his anime version??).

And thanks to Kouli, we'll be having the Tales of Vesperia cutscenes up very very soon. He's still ripping them at the moment though. I'll be adding screenshots of those as well next time I'm online.

And it seems Vesperia is doing quite well in Japan according to this article from Famitsu. Hundreds of people lined up on its release, and a lot even got the 360 bundle. Hopefully it'll be as successful when it reaches US shores.

For those who haven't been visiting the Vesperia gallery, particularly theAnime Screenshots gallery, I just added about 200 more screenshots. Most are of the opening, but you know me, I like to take screenshots of almost frame by frame =)

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