GameSpot DotNW Review + New RM2 Videos + Eien no Ashita PV (Updated)

GameSpot's review for Dawn of the New World is finally in. They rated the game with a disappointing 6.5, a teensy bit worse than IGN's 6.7. 
Anyway, the Radiant Mythology 2 site has been updated with three new videos in the system section. The first one shows just how much you can customize your characters appearance through equips and add-ons. Thesecond one shows the Ninja class, and the third one shows the Dual Swordsman class.

And someone just uploaded the PV of Eien no Ashita to YouTube. Go on and listen to it, it's beautiful <3

Images from the site and such have been added to the RM2 gallery.

Random cosplay pic:

The guy we spent 6 hours trying to find...

LOL, yes, that's Luke.

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