GameSpy's Review + A Few Updates + Site/Media Updates

GameSpy's review of Vesperia can be found here. They gave the game an acceptable 4/5, and overall, this is a decent review. So far, the reviews are really going well. Vesperia may very well be the best Tales game up to date.As for a few updates, if you've visited the TalesRPG URL, you'll notice that it no longer redirects you to the Namdai Vesperia Page. They now have a teaser page, similar to how TalesBrigade was before it went active. You can signup for updates as well.

And if you've visited the homepage of Namco Bandai Games, they have a short new trailer for Vesperia. It can be viewed in our YouTube, here.

As for site updates, the Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks can be found over at the Other Tales Audio Download Section.

We also have two new affiliates, Eternal Manga, a manga scanlation team led by Rena-chan, also dedicated to scanlating Tales manga, and Shining Bind, Rena-chan's personal fanfiction site. Be sure to come and visit!

EDIT: I will be inactive for awhile, due to school and my midterms. Read here for more info. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME T_T...

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