Reviews for ToV + New ToH Stuff for the Gallery

GameSpot has reviewed ToV, giving it an 8.5, and Game Informer gave it a slightly disappointing 7.25. GameSpot also has a video review here.As for the Tales of Hearts update, they added in Innes and Hisui's character pages for both the CG and anime versions. They also updated with explanations on the Emotional Gauge system. They describe it as something similar to Destiny Remake's CC system. The new images for Innes and Hisui, as well as the new wallpapers of Shing and Kohak, have been added to the Tales of Hearts Gallery.

EDIT (Aug 28, 2008 ): IGN actually put up articles on Tales of Hearts O.o. They didn't say anything about it being localized or whatever, but them putting up articles on it must mean -something-. The first article talks about the CG and Anime editions, while the second one talks about Innes and Hisui.

EDIT (Aug 29, 2008 ): Added new ToH art from Degenki to the gallery.

Oh yeah, the first episode of the Tales of the Abyss anime airs on the 4th of October, so expect some raws (and possibly our sub) up by then, or later.

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