Tales of Hearts Release Date Announced

new article from GPara reveals the Tales of Heart's release date, and Rpgmonkey just found out the preorder bonuses for the games. The CG version will have a visual and original sound track as a preorder bonus, and the Anime version, as usual, will have a Dramatic DVD preorder bonus. The release date will be on December 11 of this year, with a price of 6,650 Yen (for each, approximately $61). You'll notice that Gpara has uploaded some pretty high quality screenshots of the same ones we put up before, and they've been uploaded to the gallery. The gameplay screenshots are to be added at another time.

|| ToS US Opening, Heroic Version link fixed
|| New AMV of the Month by Varrius from the Tales Forums. It's his submission for the trailer making quest from Tales Brigade, so it's not exactly an AMV, but it was the most effective one there IMO XD.

A note to people who've been asking me to check out that "PS2" mark in the Tales of Hearts site: That "PS2" mark you see there is reference to ToD PS2, as Tales of Hearts somehow "adopts" the game's battle system (CC Gauge -> Emotion Gauge, AR-LMBS -> CNAR-LMBS).

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