Hideo Baba Tales of Series Community Interview - Part 1

About a month ago, we got word from the Tales of Series official Facebook fan page that they would be conducting an interview with Tales of Series Producer Hideo Baba. The page even asked us for some questions we would like to ask him.

Namco Bandai has finally published the first part of this interview in the form of a video.

Highlights of the interview include:
- When asked whether they would ever intend to make a game that would cater more to the preferences of the Western market (i.e. realistic-looking characters, etc.), Mr. Baba said most probably no, and that they would stick to the style they've made the Tales of Series known for. (But then again, there was the CG version of Hearts... Though I guess that doesn't really count)

- When asked:

Though he continues it by saying that every Tales game they ever released is something that they adore so much, they would never say something like they regret making it.

- The usual story-making process of a Tales game starts with having a discussion over what theme or feelings the team wants to convey for a game. It shapes up from there, but each story they make comes from their hearts.

- One of the most common Tales comic relief is when someone in the party says something funny. Incidentally, they don't always plan out when to insert funny parts though.

No news yet on when part 2 will be up, but hopefully, soon!

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