Namco Bandai Unites Its U.S. and European Operations

This... is probably a good thing. Namco Bandai has apparently just merged its U.S. and European teams in an attempt to hopefully be as successful as the Japanese team has been. The new overseas CEO, Mark Tsuji, will be overseeing all U.S. and European operations beginning today. The Vice President of Namdai, Carlson Choi, states that they wanted to organize the overseas organization under one leadership.

“That way we can have one united front as a Western organisation to better serve our consumer out here.

“It is a continuation of our direction, where as a company the overseas business becomes even more critical.

“Over the last year we have been beginning our transformation of the overseas business, making sure that we are not only bringing East to West content but also sub-developing and bringing content from the West that can propagate to the East.

“In Japan for the fiscal year, Namco Bandai achieved 24 per cent market share. That shows impressive leadership. And we are asking: how do we transfer that leadership position across Europe and the States?”

U.K. marketing director Lee Kirton also said that they have been working as close as possible with the U.S. team to ensure a global message and strategy.

I'm personally not sure how to take this, but in my opinion, this might, perhaps, improve things a bit, specifically in the European side of things. Maybe we'll be getting earlier, if not same as the U.S. ones, EU release dates for games?

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