Namco Bandai Forms New Development Company: Namco Bandai Studios Inc.

Namco Bandai just announced the formation of a brand new development company by the name of Namco Bandai Studios Inc.. This basically means that Namdai is separating their development division in the form of this new company. Said company will be in charge of Namdai's current series such as Tekken, Gundam, Soul Calibur, Taiko Drum Master and of course, the Tales of Series. They will also be in charge in the formation of new IPs. The studio is said to consist of over 1000 people, including the previous 80 people from Tales Studio.

Namco Bandai Studios will officially be formed starting April 2 and will be located in Shinagawa and will be headed by Hajime Nakatani.

I felt the need to post this since I remember a lot of people were pretty shaken by the previous misleading reports that Namco Bandai "dissolved" Tales Studio, when in fact, they just absorbed them. This is the result of that.

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